Open Letter to Sports Fans and Spring Sports Athletes

As it becomes increasingly likely that we will not be in the classroom or the field for the year, it’s a good time to reflect.


Shane Sellers

The varsity LCN baseball diamond sits empty as the MHSAA spring sports season appears to be coming to an abrupt end.

Shane Sellers, Sports Editor

Dear sports fans and spring sports athletes,


   This is not going to be something where I try to tell you how the coronavirus shutdown of all North American sports is going to be short-lived. I can’t tell the spring sport athletes how they will be returning to the court, track, and field soon. You won’t. The COVID-19 pandemic is here, and it probably will be for a while. It is expected within the coming days that the school year will be canceled for good. This means spring sports for MHSAA athletes and winter playoffs will be cancelled: they will not happen. We may not be back in school in the fall for all we know. However, it doesn’t mean we can’t reminisce about the good times we have had at sporting events. 

   I am going to miss going down to Comerica Park. I’m going to miss giving a high five to my usher Clarence in section 330 for the first time this year. I’m going to miss walking up the ramp to the upper deck and immediately getting the smell of the roasted almonds and the sausages on the grill. I’m going to miss the fans like me who have waited all winter just to see a baseball game at the stadium.

   I have been getting by this quarantine by watching some of last year’s best games like Brandon Dixon’s walk-off homerun game and Jordy Mercer’s walk-off single game against the Yankees. I have also been playing a ton of “MLB The Show 20”. It certainly is not the feeling of going down to the ballpark and seeing the players in real life, and I’m sure many of you are doing the same thing to get your sports to fix in. It just is not the same as being there in real life.

   It also stinks because we don’t have the March Madness college basketball tournament. Everyone likes filling out a bracket, even if your method of picking a team is by their mascot or jersey colors. This week was supposed to be the single greatest week in sports all year. You have March Madness going into the second weekend, MLB opening week, and NBA and NHL seasons getting in the home stretch before the playoffs. Even our high school spring sporting events would have been starting this week. 

   There will be no sporting events at all. Just know this- when our community finally reopens, sports will be back and better than ever. Just give it time, but know that it might be a while.