Crusader Nation Takes on COVID-19


Abby Roberts

LCN students take on online learning.

Abby Roberts, Reporter

   The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has caused mass panic worldwide and even closed schools nationwide. Students and school staff are faced with many unanswered questions. All of the learning has been switched to online systems and according to numerous students, it hasn’t been an easy switch.

   “It doesn’t make any sense, because all of the teachers are using different platforms and strategies. Overall, very few teachers have actually been consistent with work or any work at all”, says Justin Dillard ‘23. 

   With this break, it is different going from a structured schedule to not having any structure at all. The teachers and students had one day to prepare for this switch, and it seems to not have been enough.  

   Apart from schoolwork, when asked how he is staying busy Max Garan ‘22 says, “I’ve been playing video games with friends and staying connected with others through Facetime.” High schoolers are used to going out and hanging with friends, but with a pandemic spreading quicker by the minute they are unable to. Most would say that it is difficult to keep busy during this time. 

   Not only has it been difficult for all grade levels, but it has been especially difficult for seniors. The last year of high school has been shortened and they have had to question whether or not the main opportunities that seniors receive are even going to happen. These opportunities include the Senior Honors Project, senior all-night party and even graduation. Elisabeth Polleys ‘20 shows concern by saying, “It has definitely been a hard time. Always hearing people say that senior year is the best year, us counting down to prom and when we graduate, and all the memories we have shared with our classmates feels like it has been taken away from us…On the bright side, this will be quite a story to tell our kids when they read about this in their history books in school!”

   While this virus continues to spread worldwide, it seems we get new information regarding COVID-19 by the hour. We can only wonder as students and staff what the circumstances might become.