Relieve Some Panic From the Pandemic

Lynn Lam, Social Media Manager

   The extra time at home means more time to overthink and worry about the growing pandemic. Unsurprisingly, most people want to find ways to lessen the impact of the outbreak and get their lives back to “normal” faster. Here are some ways to help out.

   Stay home and keep a distance from others. This one is the most obvious, but probably the hardest. Voluntarily isolating yourself for such a long amount of time is daunting, especially from your friends and family. However, we all have to think about the possible and very likely consequences of going out for non-essential purposes. With every physical interaction and step in a crowded area, you are putting yourself in danger. Not only are you in danger, but everyone near to you is in danger. People of all ages are dying, especially in Michigan.

   Donate to funds supporting outbreak workers. Several charities have been formed that are based around feeding the healthcare workers fighting the virus, as they rarely have time to make themselves a nutritious meal due to tighter hours. These charities also typically support local businesses by getting food there. Looking up “feed the front-line workers” brings up several charities. Of course, make sure that the organization is genuine – look at how many donations they have already gotten, how detailed their plans are, and any updates they give. Donating just a few dollars provides a meal to an overworked employee, meaning more lives saved and more people treated.

   Avoid overbuying. Everyone knows the toilet paper jokes, and everyone knows that shopping has become harder than ever. When you’re grocery shopping or going to any supermarket, only buy what you need. Stores are still open, and you will not run out of the necessities. Leaving unneeded products behind will help others, and you never know how much someone else will need it.

Keep yourself clean. Wipe down surfaces frequently and be cautious with public use items like shopping carts. Stores typically have sanitizing wipes out for you to clean your shopping cart, use them! Wipe products down when you get home from the store or when they come in the mail. If you’re still working or otherwise have to interact with lots of people, spray down your shoes and change your clothes ASAP.