Digital art is REAL art!


Lillian Miller, Magic man

  Many people in the art community fight over the fact that digital art is not “real art”. While is it up to anyone’s opinion on how they perceive digital art, it is indeed an art form; why else would it be called digital “art”?

  Many people think digital art is a way of “cheating” meaning it requires no effort. Sadly that is not true, it takes effort to make anything, art or not. While digital art is easier to make than traditional because yes, it has many shortcuts. Digital art is superior to traditional to the fact that it has many more “shortcuts”. Some shortcuts are layers, effects, filters, and much more. While digital art isn’t just single pieces, it’s much, much more than that. Anything made digitally is considered a form of digital art. If you make something on your own, or with a team/partner digitally its digital art! Writing an article, building your own website, creating models, it’s all a form of art! 

  All the same as anything done not digitally. Traditional art is done in “real life”: it’s done by hand. Designing blueprints, building, painting, drawing, writing, as long as YOU take part in creating it, it’s art. All the same when it comes to the word “technology” if it’s invented its technology, and technology is art. While some consider stuff done digitally low effort, that’s simply not true. People can just as easily give the same amount of effort into something digital and they do in real life. Digital art is real art, no matter the form.