Student’s Guide to Online Schooling

Learn How To Use the Recommended Platforms

Students have to use platforms, such as Zoom, to complete their school year.

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Students have to use platforms, such as Zoom, to complete their school year.

Nina Goodwin, Business Manager


   To make things easier for students, the L’Anse Creuse district has decided to stick to one platform for all classes, the platform being Schoology. 

   To access the L’Anse Creuse login page you can type in

   The student’s username and password is the same as logging in on a school computer or school email. So, the username will be your student ID  number, then the first three letters of your last name, adding at the end. The password will be your date of birth in the format: year, month, and day.


Username Example: 

Name: Johnny Appleseed

Student Number: 10000

Login: [email protected]

Password Example:

Date Of Birth: 09/03/2001

Password: 20010903


   Within Schoology, students can see updates from their teachers on the home tab. 

   On the “Courses” tab, students can click on and access all the assignments from that specific class.

   On the “Calendar” tab, students can see which assignments are due on which days.








   To have access to a Zoom meeting, teachers will have to send out the link to which students can join. By clicking the link, it will take you to the zoom home page.

   Once you are taken to the Zoom page, you will be prompted to download the software for it to run.

   When it has finished downloading, it will automatically take you into your Zoom meeting.

   It will launch and then proceed to ask you to connect your microphone and camera. You can either allow access or continue without it. It is suggested to use headphones if your microphone is connected, in order to have more clear audio feedback. 

   When you are in the call, you can mute and unmute yourself as you please. The same applies for the camera function.

   To leave the meeting, you press the red “leave meeting” button.