Student’s Guide to Google Classroom


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Google Classroom is used as a platform to teach online.

Lynn Lam, Social Media Manager

   Google Classroom is one of the platforms that teachers are moving towards in order to still teach their students. While L’Anse Creuse is pushing for teachers to use Schoology, many students and teachers still prefer Google Classroom. Students are not automatically added into classes like in Schoology – teachers using this platform will have a code that students can use to join their class. If you select the “classes” tab, there is a plus sign that you can use to input the code.

   Students can login to Google Classroom by going to To login to your classes, you must use your school account; classes are not linked to your personal Google account. The username is your school email, which is your student ID, the first three letters of your name, and The password is your birth date in the same format as your school computer login – in yyyy/mm/dd format.



Name: Sally Smith

Student ID: 10000

Birth date: 01/02/2003

Username: [email protected]

Password: 20030102


   After logging in, students will see their classes. In each class, there is a “stream” tab, and a “classwork” tab. In stream, teachers and students can both post messages to the entire class. The stream also shows new assignments that have been posted. In the classwork tab, teachers post assignments and notes. When the icon next to the assignment is colored in, that means that assignment still needs to be done. When it is gray, that means that either the assignment is done, or that there is nothing that needs to be turned in for it.