Medical Mayhem: the COVID-19 Pandemic

Brenna Filbey, Co-Editor-in-Cheif

   The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted countries all over the globe, and the United States is no different. But now, after almost a month and a half of quarantine, some people are calling to open everything back up.

   This demand has caused protests to take place in most states, including Michigan. And while some governors think it might be a good idea, many medical professionals are disagreeing.

   Some speculate that there could be a second wave of this deadly virus, and according to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), it could be even worse.

   “ could be more difficult,” said CDC Director Redfield, in an interview with the Washington Post, “…when we have two respiratory illnesses circulated at the same time: influenza and the coronavirus nineteen.”

   Even nurses are warning people to still keep your “social-distance”. The protests in Arizona and Virginia were met by several nurses who stood and warned people that they put everyone at risk while protesting.

   Many health professionals are struggling with these protests because while they’re trying to save lives by risking their own, other people are defying the stay home and/or social distancing order(s) that have been put in place. Nurses and doctors have not had it easy, and other concerns have been raised as well, such as “Do we have enough protective equipment to help?”

   On April first, many reports of the National Stockpile being low on ventilators and masks came to light; doctors and nurses worry for the safety of their families. Others have taken up another residence to protect their young children. Their main concern is our safety.

   Currently, our first responders are the people in lab coats and scrubs. They need the support of their fellow Americans more than ever. Thank you to all of the hardworking health care professionals.