Why do Essentials Matter?

Nick Baker, Reporter

   With COVID-19 spreading across the continent, many states within the U.S. have made the decision to pass a stay-at-home order, given by the governor(s), to help slow the spread of the virus. This stay-at-home order allows people to still leave, but only for essentials. 

   Going to the grocery store to pick up anything needed, like food, water, and other necessities, is one of the few reasonable reasons to leave your home. In addition, movie theaters, retail stores, malls, and any other public place you can think of, have closed temporarily. However, even with limited public places, people are still managing to hang out in crowds. 

   Some teenagers are still making the choice to hang out in what you would call “small groups”. And even though the pandemic has only left people with an enhanced desire to have physical contact with their loved ones, or even hang out with the people that make them happy, it is still risky to be hanging out with such a pandemic taking place. Hanging out with loved ones can seem like an act of innocence, but it can turn into a big one. 

   An easier way to explain this concept is to simply look at the bigger picture. If one chooses to hang out with, lets say four people, those four people could have probably been around other people, and then those “other” people could have also been with different people, and so on. An example of this act occurring is when Florida Governor, Ron DeSantis, decided to open all beaches while the college kids went on spring break, which caused Florida to go downhill. The more people get together in a place, the less good of an outcome seems to occur right after.

   With cases accelerating fast, many hospital beds and rooms are being taken by the sickly. Many doctors and nurses wear protection going to the rooms to give medical attention, medicine, or even food and water. These people in the medical field show dedication in their jobs and hard work that some people take for granted. While people in the medical field are giving people medical attention, they are risking their lives as well. It would be a selfish act to carelessly hang out with groups of people, waiting for the moment to realize that one is infected.  

   Governor Whitmer explaining what are essentials and who they are. “ here is how we look at it. If it is not a life sustaining activity, not providing someone’s energy, food,or even pharmaceuticals and healthcare, then they are probably not an essential These essentials also include people being in the workforce as in doctors, firefighters, police man and many others like government, transportation, food and agriculture workers, public health and manufacturing. Without these hard working people, and first responders, many Americans wouldn’t know how to live.