Quarantine Time Opens a Gateway to Becoming a Better Version of Ourselves

Nayely Espinoza-Perez, Co-Editor-in-Chief

   Without a doubt, the circumstances that the world is left facing are devastating, discouraging, and really, just unwanted. 

   The coronavirus pandemic has brought inconvenience to the population(s) around the globe, such as increasing the constant inclining streak of unemployment, students being left with no other choice than to become accustomed to at-home learning, limited supplies, the barriers placed to seeing loved ones—the list could go on. 

   Like my middle school teacher, Mr. Easlick, once told me, it is easy for people to focus on the negative because, as humans, we tend to remember traumatic experiences than good ones and react more strongly to negative stimuli. Perhaps he was right, but I also believe that, as humans, we also have a motivation to adapt and persevere through the toughest of times. For this reason, I choose to see this pandemic through a “half-full cup” perspective. 

   Covid-19, as good as it is making the world a chaos, has also given society a second chance to view the world. The isolation that is immensely felt during this quarantine has, in a very fundamental way, made people really think about life and loved ones. 

   The encouraged quarantine has only made us realize that it is so important to have our loved ones around and safe. The question “what if there is no tomorrow?” has brought a lot of relevance. The coronavirus pandemic has also given us a realization of how grateful we are for our own lives too. Everyday that we live is another day where we get to see the blue sky, feel the  sun’s rays, appreciate nature, and have a deeper appreciation for life itself. 

   The pandemic has also brought boredom, and boredom has brought creativity. Oftentimes when we find ourselves bored out of our minds, we try to occupy ourselves. However, with this quarantine getting extended every time, it almost seems like as soon as we try something new, we end up getting tired of it in no time. On the bright side, the more time passes by, the more things we get to tackle and get to do, especially if we didn’t have the time to do so before. Have you been wanting to bake? Did you ever want to try painting a canvas? What about going out for a run? Well, now is the time! There are limitless hobbies to discover and limitless activities to participate in. 

   Doctors, nurses, and anyone in the medical field have always been appreciated for trying to aid ill people, but I believe that society has given a higher level of respect to them more than ever before. People have seen lots of evidence of what goes on behind a hospital’s closed doors; they have seen the chaos and they have seen the panic. And even though a hospital’s indoors are not the most pleasant thing to see, it is worth recognizing medical people taking care of others and seeing them work restless hours to try and lower this pandemic. This event taking place has enabled us to see the dedication, passion, and loyalty that medical care givers have for their patients. 

   In addition, quarantine time, that is brought by the widespread of the coronavirus, has forced many to realize how much motivation one has and how productive one truly is. For some, it might be a satisfying surprise, and for others not so much. Even though one might discover, that perhaps, laziness governs their lifestyle, it is worth noting that many may choose to change their old habits due to the amount of free time at their expense. After all, don’t you get tired of being tired?

   There are limitless ways in which the pandemic has opened up a path to become a better version of ourselves. Whether it is discovering new hobbies to better our lifestyle, being selfless as we thrive to help others, tackling things on our to-do list to become more productive, or building character by simply keeping our heads held high and working together, we have all done a great job. 

   There are always two ways to look at any situation: the positive and the negative. Trust me, looking at the positive always works best! This unfortunate, but momentous event, has brought a countless number of people back to their senses. And one thing is for sure: everyone has gained something—experience, character, and more. Perhaps, when young adolescents grow older throughout the years and have a chance to look back, they can say: hey, I lived through the coronavirus pandemic, and I am glad I was part of such a historic event that involved the coming together of people with a goal to lessen a problem!