Here’s All The Educational Websites Offering Their Services Free During COVID-19 Pandemic

Liv Briggs, Opinions Editor

Schools across the country are closed due to COVID-19. However, some subscription sites are offering their services free so kids can keep learning at home. 

Here are some education sites that are offering their services for free during this quarantine;


  • PBS Kids Daily Newsletter – PBS Kids has many free features that you can use any day. During this quarantine they’re taking an extra step. The newsletter sends recommendations everyday of the week, and it gives you ideas for learning activities at home.
  • Scholastic –  Scholastic, like PBS Kids, has free resources. But with Scholastic At Home, every day Scholastic’s website will offer a new mini-lesson that includes a story, a video, and an activity beginning in April. There are lessons for four age groups: pre-k and kindergarten, first to second grade, third grade to fourth grade, fifth grade, and grades six and over.
  • CircletimeWith Circletime, teachers can host free and interactive videos on whatever their expertise is! Video lessons vary, and they can include yoga, family cookings, sing-alongs, etc.
  • Club SciKidz Club SciKidz posts a different, fun science experiment for kids (and their parents) to do at home daily on their blog! 
  • ABC Mouse (and Adventure Academy) – ABCMouse is currently offering a certain amount of time free, along with their other program for older kids, Academy. Sources have had different prices for their [ABCMouse] normal subscription. Around $7.95-$9.95 per month.*
  • Beanstalk – Beanstalk offers interactive classes online from ages 18 months – six years, and are offering their subscription for free during COVID-19. They have classes such as ‘How Do Bubbles Work?’ , art classes, and according to Good Housekeeping’s review of Beanstalk, ‘How do Rainbows Work?’, and ‘All About Our Lips’ are also classes.
  • GoNoodle – GoNoodle has been doing videos, many on YouTube and YouTube Kids, to keep kids active. They also have done airings on Nick channels such as Nick, TeenNick, or even Nick Jr., themed around Nick’s TV shows, such as All That, Danger Force and The Loud House.