Anxious times, Peaceful solutions

   As time passes slowly during quarantine, why not have some fun during these crazy times to speed it up. Many people have been coming up with super fun ideas to do at home to pass the time.

   Families have been seen on the app TikTok dressing up as celebrities, teens, and even dressing up as other family members to create an entertaining way to enjoy a quarantine family dinner. If that’s not something you’re interested in, maybe try painting a window in the house, or start a new hobby that you never thought of doing. 

   Things like rearranging some rooms in the house to give a new look or feel will help spice things up a bit. It may be hard at first, but just finding the right activity for you could make all the difference. There are many different activities such as reading a new book, coloring fun pages, going out on a bike ride (with a mask of course), playing with your pets, trying out a new game that came out, or doing a puzzle.

   All over social media there are tons of people coming up with ideas throughout the community to shed some light through the darkness we have been hit with. There is a group on the Facebook app, where they paint rainbows on their front doors, and front room windows, to spread some positivity to all of us.

   Now that we have been in quarantine for some time there are activities everywhere to do, even if it seems you have done everyone in the book, there is always something new coming up.