5 Meaningful things to do over the summer

Several things you can do this summer to improve your well-being.


Choose a location, and plan out a bike trek for yourself and a friend. Cycling can help promote adventure, meditation, and physical exercise. Taking a journey is always rewarding.


While many LCN students are unwinding from a stressful past few months, there are some necessary, exciting, and fulfilling things that can be done over the summer during free time to help each student get into touch with one’s self.


  1. Nature walks- There is something special and calming about a good nature walk. The crisp clear air, The colors of the trees and the sky, or the reflection on the clear water of a nearby lake or stream. If distressing is what you seek, Nature walks through the trails of Stony Creek, lake St. Clair metropark, or any similar trail will do you wonders.


  1. Outdoor Meditation- Another calming exercise for the summer is outdoor meditation. Guided meditation can help one relax, and become one with both themselves and the environment. It can be mediation guided through an online video, or simply taking several deep breaths outside in a calming outdoor environment.


  1. Cycling Treks- If you are seeking exercise this summer, a fun way to stay fit is to take up cycling as a hobby. Many people think cycling has to be restricted to the local neighborhood, but there are many cyclists in the metro-Detroit area that hit the roads, streets, or trails for rides ranging from 10 miles to 100 miles. The views you can take in while cycling, as well as the positive opportunity to promote exercise for your body, is an experience that everyone should have this summer.


  1. Deep stretching- Going hand-in-hand with meditation, deep stretching helps loosen up your body and allow you to feel better. Most people don’t stretch their body’s nearly enough. To successfully stretch a muscle, the stretch must be held for 30 seconds, as the muscle stretches after holding a stretch for 22 seconds. Find a stretch routine online, and repeat it daily after exercise to feel happier and healthier


  1. Reflect on what can make the later half of 2020 a good year for you. Everyone should take this time to unplug themselves from the internet, and sync with what matters the most- finding solace within oneself. For many people it’s been a struggle of a year, but if everyone would set a goal and take action, it doesn’t need to continue to be. If everyone can find meaning within their self and a positive daily routine, the rest of 2020 could be a much stronger year for all.