Things That You Can Only Find And Do In Michigan


Makayla Nason

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Makayla Nason, Photo editor and Entertainment Editor

   We, as Michiganders, see and do things every day that we think are completely normal. But in fact, those things can be strange and foreign to outsiders. Things like Bettermade chips, Superman ice cream, and Blue moon ice cream are things that you can and will only find in Michigan. I’ve compiled a list of things that Michiganders say and do, that we find completely normal, and probably don’t think twice about. 

   Starting off strong, you can only find Bettermade chips in Michigan. The company was founded in 1934, but started in 1930 in Detroit Michigan. At the time, the name for the company was Cross & Peters, after the founders, Cross Moceri and Peter Cipriano. At the time, there were 31 potato chip companies in Michigan including Bettermade. It was a pretty small company up until the 60th anniversary in 2003, which made the company over 30 million dollars. Ever since then, we can find the popular chip brand all over the state from gas stations to grocery stores. 

   Next is Superman Ice creamSome say the very popular flavor originated from a small ice cream shop in Detroit Michigan called Stroh’s. The ice cream consists of three colors and flavors including Blue Moon, Lemon, and Cherry, though some other shops use different flavors such as Banana, Blueberry, and Strawberry. The name and colors come from the idea that it resembled a comic book, hence the name “Superman ice cream”. While you can find this flavor in a few shops across the Midwest, it’s most commonly found in Michigan.  

   While this one doesn’t have to do with food or objects, it’s still something that we residents of Michigan often do and say. The fact that we actually do use our hand as a map astonishes people. Since our state is often referred to as the “Mitten”, we have gotten into the habit of using our hand to explain where people live. If you live in Detroit, then you would probably use your thumb to explain around where you live. Or say you live in Bay City; you would probably use the middle of your index or middle finger to explain. It’s just an easy way to explain to people where in Michigan you live. 

   While we say that our state flag is a deer, others will argue that it is the orange barrelwhich line construction sites. To Michigan, we have constant construction from new stores and restaurants, to the crappy roads. Currently as an example, there is construction on 24 mile to fix the curbs. Because of our really unpredictable weather, the roads are what suffer the most. Ice will get in the cracks of the road during the winter and over all they will expand and get bigger and bigger. This is why we have to fix our roads so often, and why we have so many potholes. To us, construction is just an endless season, and an endless cycle.  

Lastly, we all have some sort of weird vocabulary and behavior that differs from our neighboring state. We use terms like “ope” and say pop instead of soda (The correct term is pop, not soda by the way). Typically, when we say that we are going on vacation, we either mean that we are heading upnorth, or we are going to Florida. Very rarely do we go anywhere else. 

   Overall, Michigan is a really fun and cool state to live in, or vacation in. From our amazing chips and ice cream, to our weird language and behavior. These are some things that people from Michigan do differently from the rest that were not included in this article, so keep that in mind. Next time you run into someone that’s not from Michigan, ask them if we do anything differently that they have noticed.