2020 LCN Football Startup


Photo Credits: LCN Football

Chris Peraino, Sports Editor

 The 2020 High School Football season has started off awfully strange. This year, teams will only play 6 games, instead of the original 11. With only 2 fans per player as well, the atmosphere has changed for everyone. The Crusaders started off their season 0-2, but are looking to comeback and have a stellar season. 

   The Crusaders had a bit of a strange summer conditioning and practice schedule. Due to Covid-19, their season originally got cancelled, so they did not practice or play games for a couple weeks. After weeks of hearing nothing, the MHSAA and governor Whitmer finally made the decision of bringing high school football back. When the players got the green light to play, they were all filled with excitement and energy. Despite four of their games getting cancelled, they still have a whole season ahead of them, plus an automatic playoff spot.  

   “I feel that having a student section hurts our play on the field and going out there with fans rooting for us makes us play flat and not as excited,” Timmy Burgess ‘21 thoughts on a student sections advantage. 

   They played their first game on Friday, September 18th at Oxford High School. With a tough battle throughout the whole game, the Crusaders fell 34-0. The Crusaders then played at LCN against Lakeview on Thursday September 24th, but had another tough game and fell 36-14. 

   On the team’s overall strategy for the year, Crusader Lineman Nicklas Rosado ’21 states, “Our strengths I would say are the leadership from the seniors, and [that] we play with heart.” 

   The Crusaders look to get their first win of the season against Warren Mott on Friday, October 2nd at 7 p.m. at Warren Mott High School.