California Forest Fires


Photo Credits: David McNew

Chris Peraino, News Editor

Photo Credits: David McNew

  New fires erupting every day, thousands of acres being destroyed, number of deaths and missing cases rising. 2020 has been a rough year for California. The major forest fires destroying the lives of families and animals, all started by a camp fire. 

   California has experienced forest fires in the past such as 2018, but 2020 has brought more devastating fires. They are destroying land, homes, business’ and much more. According to CNN, “the more than 3 million acres burned in wildfires this year in California is 26 times higher than the acres burned in 2019.” 

   Let that sink in. The fires have also spread outside of California in states such as, Oregon, Colorado, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Washington, Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming. Most of these fires are due to climate change which has really affected the globe. The California wildfires have been compared to the past Australia forest fires. According to BBC News, over 30 people have been killed in 2020 by these engulfing forest fires, with many more people still missing. Over 14,000 firefighters are in duty to help fight off these fires while thousands of locals had to evacuate their homes and business’. The devastating work that these fires are doing unprecedented which does make it very hard to stop. Fire fighters from all around the West Coast are trying everything they can to stop these fires.  

   The devastating forest fires of California are the last thing people want to worry about. These fires destroy not only animals and peoples’ environment, but also it affects the atmosphere.