The Arrival of Fall

Autumnal season of 2020 brings change within the air.


Autumn 2020. Photo Credit: Dominic Comfort

Tuesday September 22nd at 9:30am marked the fall equinox, which was the official start of autumn. The seasonal change in the air can be felt when the winds shift over and the long warm days of summer drift away with their final purple sunsets, bringing on the thoughtful, cool days of fall. Many people all around feel the change as they are reminded of familiar sights and routines this fall. Students once again fill the schools, football players scrimmage on the field, soccer players spend hours working with drills and technique, and cross-country runners stomp through the trails and grass, as the leaves decorated around them begin their turn from a passionate green to the warm ember of brown and orange. During this time, a newfound coolness in the air brings a bustling sense of focus for many

A beautiful early fall sunset. Photo Credit: Dominic Comfort

        On the day of the fall equinox, the hours of light and dark were directly equalWith the equinox marking the first day of autumn, the earth’s northern and southern hemispheres received the sun’s rays equallyas we astronomically entered the Libra season. Knowing this fact, we can take solace in feeling that as fall starts off with night and day time hours reaching a balance, we can hope to bring balance to all areas of our lives ourselves. The three zodiac signs of autumn are Libra, Scorpio, and Sagittarius. These signs respectively represent harvesting the year’s growth to prepare for the winter throughout September, directly preparing for winter in October, and finally, with the arrival of Sagittarius on November 23rd, it is a time for philosophical thought and tolerance as we enter the winter. We can use this astrological guidance to live our lives to the fullest as we soak in fall this year. 

     On a more physical level, now that the sweater weather has arrived, leaves delicately chip off trees and turn from a passionate green to a warm orange. Cider mills and pumpkin-patches bustle with activity, as people look to celebrate the fall season. Many people flock to popular autumnal locations to take nature walks or have fall picnics. There are many meaningful things to do to ground yourself in reality and soak in the fall season. Going on a nature walk, run, or cycling trip can be a refreshing way to exercise and revitalize one’s energy as we move through the fall season. Hayrides, relaxing by the fire, pumpkin carving, or fall baking are more seasonal opportunities. However it is celebrated, as we soak in the season of fall, it is best to remember to use this time for reflection and thought.