TikTok Ban


Samantha Marwin, Opinions Editor 

The video app with over 800 million users worldwide, TikTok, is reportedly getting banned in the United States within only a few weeks. The US government believes that the Chinese owned app is taking personal information from users within the United States. The app was referred to as a ”national security threat,” by government lawyers. The Trump administration had made several announcements  that TikTok would be  banned throughout the past few  months, but the ban date has been pushed back each time. The most recent ban is taking effect November 12, 2020, only slightly over a month away. 

There are several different communities of people on TikTok, such as dancers, makeup artists, musicians, P.O.V. creators, and cosplayers. Most are upset because TikTok is where they started their followings, and began influencing other people. Recently, the app has released a creator fund, so they can make money from their videos. The app just awarded a whopping $200 million fund for top videos. Popular creators can make some serious money off of just one video. If TikTok is successfully banned, the influencers wouldn’t just lose their followers, but also their form of income.  

The United States District Judge, Carl Nichols, stated, “The government has provided ample evidence that China presents a significant national security threat.” He’s referring to privacy invasion and how our information is being taken. Our privacy is very important, but plenty of TikTok users would take a serious loss. The whole situation has everyone on edge, and opiniated  on whether or not the ban should be materialized. Our current president has said that TikTok won’t be banned in the United States if it’s sold to a US company. This relieved a lot of users, but the app is still yet to be bought.