2020 NBA ‘Bubble’ Season


NBAE/Getty Images

The Finals logo appearing on an NBA court. Photo Credit: Getty Images

Chris Peraino, Sports Editor

   2020, a very strange year for everyone around the world. All sports were shut down, and lot of people’s happiness was taken away. But the National Basketball Association came up with a way to bring it back to their fans, and finish the season like it should. 

   The 2020 NBA season has been a bit crazy. They started their 82-game season like normal, with fans in attendance and games every day. March 11th is when everything changed. The pandemic was getting increasingly worse, and the NBA had no other option but to shut down the league. A big impact on this decision was two NBA all-stars, Rudy Gobert and Donovan Mitchell testing positive for Covid-19. The NBA season was shut down until July 30th. While the NBA might’ve been shut down, NBA players didn’t stop their grind to become the next NBA champion. 

   The NBA “Bubble” is being taken place in Orlando, Florida at Walt Disney World resort and ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex. The NBA teams are split into three separate hotels, each player having their own room. The Bubble includes, video games, arcade games, boat rentals, fishing, even a barber shop, and many more activities for the players. The NBA did a really good job taking care of their players and making it as fun and normal as possible. During the rest of their season in the Bubble, each team gets to play the rest of their eight league games and then get seeded for the playoffs.  

   The first rounds of the NBA Bubble playoffs were set as each series is played in seven games. Starting in the Western Conference, the number one seed Los Angeles Lakers defeated the Portland Trail Blazer 4-1. The Houston Rockets just slid past the Oklahoma City Thunder 4-3. The Denver Nuggets made their first of two 3-1 series comebacks, their first against the Utah Jazz in the first round, winning 4-3. And finally, in the West, The Los Angeles Clippers defeat the Dallas Mavericks 4-2. On the Eastern Conference the number one seed Milwaukee Bucks defeat the Orlando Magic 4-1. The Indiana Pacers lost to the Miami Heat in a sweep 4-0. The Boston Celtics sweep the Philadelphia 76ers 4-0 and the Toronto Raptors sweep the Brooklyn Nets 4-0 as well. 

   The second round brought many surprises to fans around the world as two upsets were made. The lower seeded Heat defeat the Bucks in a 4-1 series win and again the Nuggets come back from a 3-1 deficit to beat the Clippers 4-3.  Also, on the West no surprise came as the Lebron James Lakers beat the Rockets 4-1. And the final spot in the Eastern Conference finals was given to the Celtics as they beat the Raptors 4-3. 

   The conference finals were ended up as a surprise as three of the four teams were not even favorites to win the finals, but as many coaches say, the playoffs are a “new season.” To start off the Western Conference Finals, Lebron James’ Lakers were just too much for Jamal Murray’s Nuggets as they lost the series 4-1. On the Eastern Conference Finals, with a very young squad, the Miami Heat win the Series 4-2 against Jayson Tatum’s Boston Celtics. 

   Now as all know, the NBA finals atmosphere is much different, with no fans in attendance only few family members allowed. The matchup no one was expecting. The Los Angeles Lakers against the underdogs, Miami Heat. The teams played their first of a seven-game series on September 30th as the Lakers plowed through the Heat 116-98. Game two was played Friday, October 2nd as the Lakers again beat the Heat 124-114 while the Heat lost two dominate player Goran Dragic and Bam Adebayo during game 2. With both players out game three the Heat defeated the Lakers 115-104. Game 4 was a close game throughout but the Heat fall 3-1 in the series as they lose 102-96 against the Lakers. Game 5 was a close game as Jimmy Butlers Heat, squeezed in a big win 111-108. In game 6 it was a big game as the Lakers beat the Heat 106-93 to give Lebron James his fourth NBA Finals championship and MVP.