2020 Homecoming Spirit Week

Makayla Nason, Photo editor and Entertainment Editor

While 2020 has thrown a lot at us, we still have school spirit after everything that we have been through this year. This Homecoming season, we are competing against L’anse Creuse Highschool for the most school spirit. Dress up for each of the following days on the week of October 19th, to October 23rd in order for us to win.

Monday October 19th is Joyful Jammies day! Nobody likes waking up on a Monday to go to school. This way, you can roll out of bed and hop on the bus or get in the car. But this does not give an excuse to break the dress code, we still have to follow it. Wear your biggest sweater and your baggiest sweat pants and come to school. It’s really a win win situation.

Tuesday October 20th is Decades Day! Feel like you belong in a different decade? Well today is the day that you can embrace that feeling. Wear vintage dresses and shirts and rock out in school. Don’t have any vintage clothing or items? Wear something from the early 2000’s or borrow some of your parents or guardians’ clothes from when they were in high school and college. If you still can’t find anything, wear some tie-dye or a graphic tee-shirt. Hippie, grunge, vintage, dress however you please, as long as it is a very long out of date trend.

Wednesday October 21st is Wild West/Flannel day! Sadly, we can’t wear hats this day but you can still bring the cowboy spirit. You can accomplish this by simply wearing flannel or tying a bandana around your leg or neck. Wear the longest and baddest boots that you can find. Ripped jeans or jackets will also fit this theme. Be ready to ride off into the Wild West when you come to school.

Thursday October 22nd is Think About Pink day! If you didn’t know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness, a very serious cancer that affects many families every year. To support this cause, come to school decked out in pink! Bandanas, shirts, sweater, shoes, makeup, go all out, especially the boys. This one is always a LCN favorite so make sure to keep up the spirit!

Lastly, Friday October 23rd Is Crush the Competition, School Colors. This one is also another school favorite and tradition. If you don’t really like spirit week and don’t feel like dressing up, just at least dress up for this one for LCN to beat LC. This is the day that we crush the competition and show them who’s the better high school. Come to school dress up in black and gold. Bandanas, makeup, shoes, seriously, go crazy whilst following the dress code.

While 2020 has been a crazy and unpredictable year, we still have to keep up our school spirit. This is our year to school L’anse Creuse and prove that L’anse Creuse North High school is so much better than them. Double check and make sure to vote for the 2020 senior and junior homecoming King and Queen!