Halloween Movies to Watch During The Spooky Season


This person is watching the Halloween movie, Hocus Pocus. Photo credit: Ideawallpapers.com

Makayla Nason, Photo editor and Entertainment Editor

It’s October, which means Its spooky season! It is officially Fall so that means cuddling up on the couch with a cup of hot chocolate and a fuzzy blanket while you watch Halloween movies. But what movies will you watch? The classics or the newly released horrors? We can all agree that Halloween movies is a must have for the spooky season. Here are the most popular Halloween movies you should watch during spooky season.

  First up we have Hocus Pocus, filmed in 1993, by Kenny Ortega. They opening scene takes place on October 31st, 1693, near Salem Massachusetts with Thackery Binx, seeing his little Emily is missing from her bed. Confused, Binx starts calling her name and begins to look for her, only to hear a sweet song and Emily walking towards a cottage. He then follows Emily to the Cottage where we find three witches giving her something to drink. Not being able to save his sister, the witches turn Binx into an immortal black cat so he has to forever live with his guilt. Binxs’ parents the get the whole town together to hang the witches from the losses of their children`. But before the witches are hanged, they cast a curse stating that they will come back on All Hallows eve during a full moon when a virgin lights the black flame candle. 300 years later, Max Dennison has just moved to Salem, Massachusetts and is trying to impress his crush Allison. Not believing the folk tale of the witches, Max lights the black flame candle, resurrecting the witches and releasing them. Will Max and Allison with the help of Maxs’ little sister and Binx the cat, be able to save the lives of children on All Hallows Eve before it’s too late? Better go watch it to find out. You can find the movie on Disney Plus, Amazon Prime Video, and YouTube.  

  Next up, we have the movie IT. While there was a reaction of this movie in 2017, the original movie came out in 1990, which was based off the 1986 Stephan King novel IT. The movie is about seven children in Darrey, Maine who have to face their own problems along with the horrors in the sewers. We open with a rainy day and one of the main characters, Billy, playing with his little brother, George. Billy, not wanting to play, sends George to go outside to play with a paper boat. Excited, George chased the boat down the road before it falls the drain. Not wanting Billy to be mad at him, George try’s his best to grab the boat, before being face to face with a clown in the sewers. The clown promises to give George the boat back if he came a little. Again, not wanting Billy to be mad at him, George goes along with it and the clown bites off his arm. George tries to run away from the beast, but is unsuccessful. Once George is gone, Billy is distraught with grief and guilt and develops a stutter. Billy calculates where Georges could’ve washed up and brings some friends to go help him thinking that he is still alive. After some time, each of Billys friends begin to see weird and unexplainable things but they all have one thing in common, there’s a red balloon. They start referring to the monster they keep seeing as “IT. Will, Billy, and his friends be able to defeat IT before it’s too late? Go watch the movie to find out. You can find it on Hulu, YouTube, and Amazon Prime Video. 

   Another classic Halloween movie, is Casper. The idea of Casper came from a idea of a children’s book in 1939. Casper is a little, friendly ghost who has stared in many movies and comics. The movie that we are discussing is the 1995 version of Casper. The movie opens with Carrigan Crittenden after she had just moved into Whipshaft Manor in Friend ship Maine, after her father’s death. Carrigan then discovers that there’s some sort of hidden treasure inside the house and that the property is haunted by a ghost named Casper, and his three uncles. Once Carrigan wasn’t able to scare the ghosts out, she calls the Harveys., James and his daughter Kat, to get them out. Once the Harveys move into Whipshaft, the little ghost Casper, tries several times to make friends with Kat and her dad. He does this by doing things like making them breakfast and cleaning the house, while Casper’s three uncles, try to scare them away. Word gets around school that Kat is living in Whipshaft and is planning on hosting a Halloween party for the school, gaining popularity. A girl named Amber and her boyfriend Vic, plan on ruining Kats party to make a fool out of her. Then Kat then learns that Casper has no memory of his human life and helps him try to remember. Will the popular girl ruin Kat’s party? Will Casper regain his memory? What’s going to happen to the treasure? Watch the movie to find out. You can find the movie on YouTube, and Amazon Prime.  

   Next up, is the 1993 film, the Nightmare before Christmas. Jack Skellington is the main character, also known as The Pumpkin King. After years and years of doing the same thing, Jack wanted to do something different for once. The morning after Halloween, Jack goes around roaming the woods until he finds seven trees, all with different doors, leading to different holidays, and opens up the one that leads to “Christmas town”. He then returned to his town to tell the people of his findings. They try to mix Christmas and Halloween together but fail because all they know is Halloween. Frustrated, Jack says that it is unfair that Christmas town won’t share their ideas with Halloween town, thus, they steal Christmas. He then sends a group of children to go and capture Santa and keep him safe, but instead of wanting to keep him safe, they try to hurt them. A rag doll by the name of Sally sees a vision of the future and warns Jack that it would not end well for him, but Jack ignores the warning and then proceeds to do what he was going to do. Will this be a sucess or a disaster for Halloween town and Christmas town? Or will it actually make a turn for the good? You can find the movie on YouTube, Disney Plus, and Amazon Prime Video.  

   Beetlejuice is a 1988 fantasy story, directed by Tim Burton. The story is about a dead couple, Adam and Barbara Maitland, who haunt their old home with Betelgeuse, a ghost from the Netherworld, who wants the help the Maitlands. The movie opens with the Maitlands and them trying to renovate their house. They then go to the store but on the way back home, they crash their car and don’t remember how they got back home. Once they try to leave the house, they find themselves in a sandy desert storm, thus, they are stuck in the house. Later, their old friend, Jane sells their house to the Deez family, Charles, Delia, and their daughter Lydia. Upset, the Maitlands try their best to scare the Deez family away because they were ruining the hard work they did while they were allowed. In attempt to scare the family away, they find out that Lydia is the only one that is able to see the them. They end up getting Lydia to try and help them get her family to move out. But things go wrong when the Deez family finds out that they can use the Maitlands to bring in people to show off Delias sculptures. Things take a turn for the worse when Barbara releases Betelgeuse, a shape-shifting ghost, to ruin a business dinner. They have to figure out a way to get Betelguese back where he belongs before he causes more horror and terror to the world, he doesn’t belong in. You can find this movie on Amazon Prime Video and YouTube.  

   TW: blood and dead bodies. A good horror and thriller movie is the 1984, Nightmare on Elm Street movie, directed by Wes Craven. The movie opens with the main character Tina Gray, waking up from a nightmare that she is getting attacked by a disfigured man. The following morning, Tina invites her best friend, Nancy Thompson and her boyfriend Glen Lantz to stay over while Tinas mother goes out of town. Tod Lane, Nancy’s boyfriend ends up showing up and crashing the sleepover. Once Tina falls asleep, she has the same nightmare as before and wakes up Ron with her thrashing and shouting. Ron sees Tina being dragged and slashed by a unknown force, forcing Ron to run and Nancy and Glen find Tinas dead and bloody body. Ron gets arrested and is accused of murder as he was the one that fled the scene. At school, Nancy falls asleep and has the same nightmare that a disfigured person is chasing het through a boiler room, but this disfigured calls himself Freddy. She then runs into the boiler and burns her arm. Startled, Nancy wakes up to find a mysterious burn on her arm. After school, she goes to the police station and tells Rod about her most recent nightmares, and discovers that Rod has been having the same one. Nancy goes home and invites Glen over and they stay up by drinking caffeine. They both eventually fall asleep and have a nightmare about Ron being hanged. They go to the police station once more, to find Ron hanging from a noose made out of bed sheets. Marge, Nancys mother, takes her to a sleep disorder clinic where she is able to grab Freddys fedora and bring it into the real world. The name on the hat says Freddy Krueger. Nancys mother is able to identify that Freddy was a sadistic child murder that was released on technicality and was burned alive by parents that lived on the same street as him, and is now a vengeful ghost who wants revenge to fulfil his needs. Nancy tries her best to warn Glen but Glens father won’t let Nacy speak to him. Once Glen falls asleep, he is killed by Freddy. Now all alone, Nancy must face and fight the ghost alone. You can watch the rest of the movie on YouTube and Amazon Prime Video.   

   The stop-motion animation film Coraline, is a popular 2009 movie about the young girl Coraline, and her adventure in her new apartment.  The film is based off of the 2002 novel Coraline by Neil Gaiman, who is a English author. The film takes place in Coraline’s new house after the move. She meets the landscaping lady’s grandson Wyborne, also known as Wybie, and his cat. Wybie gives Coraline a button-eyed doll that he discovered in his grandmother’s trunk, that resembles Coraline and her blue hair. Coraline then explores the house and the doll leads her to a secret door that can be opened with a button key. The same night, a mouse leads her through the door and she sees a more colorful version of her own world with doppelgangers of her parents and her friends. She fell asleep in the Other world, only to wake up and find herself back in her normal world. Later that day, Wybie tells Coraline about how his Grandmothers twin sister disappeared when they were kids, ignoring the warning, Coraline finds the key to the door after her mom had locked it, and went back to the other world that same night. The other mother then invites Coraline to stay in the Other world forever on the term that her eyes would be sewn over with buttons. Coraline doesn’t give a direct answer and goes to bed, only to wake up still in the Other world. Coraline demands to go home, and that’s when the Other mother unleashes her true form. You can find the rest of the movie on Hulu, YouTube, and Amazon Prime Video. 

  The Addams Family originated from a cartoonist named Charles Adams in 1938. Featuring Gomez and Morticia Addams, their two children Wednesday and Pugsley, and close family members like Uncle Fester, Grandmama, their butler Lurch, and Pugsleys pet octopus Aristotle. ”Thing” is a pet hand that was introduced in 1954. The many television series lasted from 1964-1999.  The 1991 Addams family film was the first of many to come. It was directed by Barry Sonnenfield and is based on the crazy and spooky family who tries to connect with a lost family member. There is a lot to unpack in this movie so if you want to go watch it, you can watch it on Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, and Amazon Prime Video. 

  This Halloween is going to top them all with Halloween falling on a Saturday and a full moon. Next time you are looking for a movie to watch, feel free to come back to this article to find a movie. Be sure to have a wonderful spooky season full of scary and funny movies!