Senior Court For Homecoming Queen

Senior Court For Homecoming Queen

Sam Marwin, Opinons Editor

2020 Homecoming is already here, and our candidates for this year’s queen have been chosen. 8 young women have received the honor of being voted into the Homecoming Court, and now it’s time for you to decide which one will be crowned.  

 First up for the running we have Brianna Zyrek! She’s a member of the key club, and in Distributive Education Clubs of America. She works at CJ Barrymore’s, as well as the school store. Her dream college is Bowling Green State University, and she wants to go to law school! 

 Next is Grace Schnider. Grace is on the Student Council, in the MSTLC, and the National Honors Society! She was our class president for three whole years, and wants to attend MSU for college. She wants to major in respiratory therapy, and after college she plans on moving to Hawaii. 

 Alison Schlact is another impressive candidate. She is on the Student Council, the National Honors Society, Link Crew, MSTLC, and in Mu Alpha Theta. A fun fact about her is that she used to be in beauty pageants as a kid! Alison works at Tropical Smoothie, and plays tennis in her free time. She wants to go to The University of Michigan or Michigan State for college. 

 Another student running for the Homecoming Queen is Alyssa Benka. She is the Student Council Morale Officer, on the National Honors Society, MSTLC, and Link Crew! She also works at Tropical Smoothie as she has for almost two years now, and loves to bake. For college, she either wants to go to MSU or CMU to major in biology or environmental engineering. 

 Emma Bice is next in the running. Emma played JV volleyball as a freshman and made the Varsity team as a sophomore! She also works at a senior living home. Michigan State or Grand Valley are her dream schools, and the major she wants in is psychology.  

 Candidate number 6 is Miss Emily McHaney. Emily is in the National Honors Society, Link Crew, and even the Go Green Club! She has a few hobbies, including frequent visits to Tropical Smoothie, and performing in school musicals. In the production Hairspray, she played Little Inez! She wants to go to Western and be a labor and delivery nurse in the future. 

 Our Senior Class President is Kayley Ulbrik and she too wants to receive the crown. Kayley is the MSTLC presidential director, part of Link Crew, the National Honors Society, and Mu Alpha Theta. She’s also the captain of the Varsity Volleyball Team! Her memory is very good, she can recite the first 1003 digits of pi on the spot. One of the voices we hear every morning is her’s, reciting the announcements. She wants to go to Wayne State or Detroit Mercy and go into pre-med. 

 The last candidate is Bianca Kajy. Bianca is part of the National Honors Society, Key Club, Student Council, and the International Thespian Society! She is on the Varsity tennis team, and recently got back into dance. Bianca works at CJ Barrymore’s and wants to major in Sports Marketing or Film at U of M, MSU, or NYU. 

 All of our candidates are very much qualified. They are hardworking young women who put their all into their extracurriculars and goals. Don’t forget to vote for one for this year’s 2020 Homecoming Queen!