Welcome to LCN, Mrs. Samborsky

Chris Peraino, Sports Editor, News Editor

Change is always needed. This year we have a new face in our front office, the new LCN assistant principal, Mrs. Samborsky 

   Mrs. Samborsky is starting her 18th year teaching and administrating. 10 of those 18 years she was a Biology and Chemistry teacher and the last eight have been working as an administrator. 17 of those 18 years were taken place at L’Anse Creuse High School. Mrs. Samborsky is excited to be a part of Crusader Nation as she states, “I am most excited to meet the students and staff, and I’m excited to see the difference between the two high schools.”   

   Mrs. Samborsky likes to do many things outside of helping run a school. In her free time, she likes to spend time with her family and son, she likes to camp and spend time outdoors in her family RV, stay healthy and active, and watch college football. She has been married to her husband for four years and has a 21-month-old son, Landon and 12-year-old step-son, Carter. She also likes to spend time with her friends. 

   Since being at LCHS for 17 years, our students and staff needed some insight on why becoming a crusader was crucial for Mrs. Samborsky. She says, “I am ready for a change, it is important to understand the district and both of their high schools, knowing this district only has two schools. Also, I wanted to expand my knowledge of what works and what doesn’t work for each school.” 

   Some words of advice from Mrs. Samborsky, “Always be honest with yourself, be honest with others, and always do your best and give 110%.” 

   As Crusader Nation, we welcome Mrs. Samborsky into the staff and becoming our assistant principal!