The Reality Of Being a MCYT Twitch Moderator

This is Twitch, People from all around the world live stream on it everyday.

Makayla Nason

This is Twitch, People from all around the world live stream on it everyday.

Makayla Nason, Photo editor and Entertainment Editor

   Unless you have been living underneath a rock, you probably know the new faces in the Minecraft YouTube community (MCYT for short). A majority of them stream on a platform called Twitch, a place where MCYTs can show their content to the world live. 


   With people like Wilbur Soot, TubboNihachuTommyinnit, and more on the rise, there has to be a way to contain and keep the fans in balance, right? Thats where Twitch moderators (Mods for short) come in. While each streamer has their own preference to what they don’t want in their chats, Twitch mods mainly, moderate the chat of the MCYT they work with, and make sure that no hateful things are being said, as well as prevent the MCYTs from having to deal with   obsessive fanspeopleMods will delete and search for hate comments, copypasts, and anything they find offensive. These people are the reason that the community has less hate and drama, and they deserve some more recognition 


   I recently got the opportunity to talk to three pretty wellknown MCYT Twitch mods in order to get an inside look about what its really like to be a part of the team. Each person was very thorough about their answers, as well as their experiences being a mod. The three mods I talked to were Karla, MadsAF, and Katie. These are their personal experiences with being a moderator for the MCYT community and fanbase.  


   Karla is a University student who has been a mod for Tubbo for two months and is currently on a trial to become one for Nihachu and Sapnap. When she is not moderating, she is priotizing her school work. Karla originally wanted to become a mod so she could give back to the creator that she enjoys watching, “I wanted to become a mod as a way to give thanks and help creators who I enjoy watching. I also enjoy doing it so if I am able to help someone who’s content, I enjoy, I would gladly do so.”Started off Karla, explaining her initial ambitions for becoming a mod. 


   Karla started off her moderating experience a few years back with Lifesimmer before she recently re-joined the Minecraft YouTube/ Streamer community. “I saw that Tubbo had their staff applications open so I decided to apply because I saw no harm in giving it a try.”stated Karla, on her first application to become a mod.  


   As for being one of his Twitch mods, Tubbo apparently joined the staff call that Karla was in, and decided to give all the staff in that call the role of being a Twitch mod. The process for becoming a moderator, depends on the person, and what you are looking to apply for. Karla was able to tell what they look for when choosing staff. “The process of becoming a mod depends on the staff who is hiring but from experience they look for people who are active in the community, who have previous experience in moderation, are able to talk to people easily and can handle tough situations under pressure. Of course, all of these would make you a better candidate to become a mod, but even with no experience you may be able to become a mod as long as you’re open to learn”, said Karla.


   As for how difficult it is, each person has said that although it is not very hard, it is definitely time consuming. The reasoning is because the streamers could be live for an unexpected amount of time such as Nihachu, who was live for 12 hours one day, and Karla was there the entire time moderating the chat. “…it’s simple to do but takes up my entire day as it is a constant thing I have to look over.” stated Karla, reflecting on her 12-hour moderating session.


   Since every streamer has a different preference on what they do and don’t want in the chats, these answers varied from person to person. For Karla, she says that she mostly deletes any rude and inappropriate comments about the streamer she’s moderating, and some basic stuff like excessive usage of bad words, chat spams, copypastas, and long texts or any terms that could bring a person down. “The best thing for me is knowing that with my moderation I can help keep the community and the streamer safe and in check. A lot of things happen behind the scenes and it would be best to stay like that, so when people go out of their way to point it out in chat, I would be able to have control of who and who doesn’t see that so it’s satisfactory knowing that I’m helping. “said Karla, when asked about what her favorite part about being a mod is.  

   I ended Karlas interview about being a mod by asking her if she had any advice for people that are looking, and or wanting, to become a moderator for a streamer. What she had to say, can apply to anyone that has been trying for a while to be a part of the staff team. “To not let anyone bring you down is the main advice I would give as you will be exposed to a large number of people and everything you do will be criticized by those who think they know everything. If you know you’re doing your job right as a moderator, you enjoy doing it and those above you are telling you that you are doing well, that is all that should matter. There will be those people who dislike you, but that happens with anything in life and all you have to do is keep doing what you’re doing. Moderation puts you into a lot of iffy situations as well so you have to keep calm and collected as sometimes it can get too much, but anything can be done and dealt with.”, advised Karla, in her closing statement.

   Our next mod, is a student who has also been a moderator for Tubbo for two months, and is also currently on trial for Sapnap. Her name is MadsAF and she has a Twitch, and TikTok, account, all which she posts on. Her twitch account is @ItsMadsAF and she has a TikTok account under the same name. MadsAF joined both streamers staff by applying through discord when staff applications were open. For Tubbo, I just filled out the application and was accepted. However, for Sapnap, I filled out an application and then had to go through and interview process.” stated MadsAF. 



   As for being a Twitch moderator for TubboMadsAF and Karla had the same story of when Tubbo joined the staff call and made everyone in there a moderator on Twitch. MadsAF spends a total of five+ hours a day moderating between livestreams, and the discord chats. She balances her personal time for moderating and school work by having discord open on the side while doing her homework, and also checks on the chat when she is taking a break from her assigned work. “I’ve always had a passion for other people. In addition, I love the content that both Tubbo and Sapnap produce, so I wanted to give back to them because they give so much to me. I was also looking for a fun way to meet new people.” Stated MadsAF on the reason she became a mod to begin with. 


    Her favorite part about being a mod, is the people that she has met along the way. She currently uses a Mac Book and a Bluetooth mouse to do her moderating work. The advice that she would give to people that are struggling and want to become a mod is, “Be active in servers and be on the lookout for applications! They are released quite often, actually. Also, make sure you’re mature and follow all the rules. Be kind and befriend others in the community. You can do it!” To find out more about MadsAF and her journey as a moderator, you can go check out her TikTok and her streaming Twitch account @ItsMadsAF.  


   Lastly but certainly not least we have Katie. Katie is currently a mod for  King_BurrenMichaelMcChill, and WilburSoot. She has been a moderator for King_Burren and MichaelMcChill for over a year, and has only been modding for Wilbur for about a month. She has also modded for other streamers in the past but they are no longer on the platform. Katie became a mod by filling out staff applications, and being in the right place at the right time, “The first time I was a moderator was for JC The Caster, and it was completely by accident. I was there like all the time for like five months, and one night he just asked me if I wanted to be a mod because he needed some. I had a lot of fun with it and really enjoyed it. Then after that, I got mod for Arlus after he got a 2,000 viewer raid from Carson and needed mods. And basically, after that I got more moderator jobs by being known in Arlus’ chat and spending a lot of time in other chats and making friends with the streamers. So basically, I became a moderator by accident and really liked it so I met other streamers and became mods for them.” stated Katie. 



   She also has her own YouTube and Twitch account that you can watch her on. Her Twitch is King__Katie and her YouTube is KingKatie. When she’s not moderating, she’s either on a voice chat with her friends, or is spending time with her family. “This might sound bad, but my favorite part is being able to interact with the streamer and chat. Cause as a moderator, it’s on a different level than when you’re just in chat and talking. And with Burren and Michael, they’ve actually become really good friends of mine. And also talking with the others in chat is a big reason why I started streaming because I really like meeting new people and talking to others.” stated Katie when asked about her favorite part of being a mod. 


   Katie uses a standard PC and single monitor, which she recommends over a laptop, since when the chat moves so fast, it’s hard to keep up with all the messages and is easier to do on a PC. For anyone whos looking and seeking to become a moderator, here is some advice from Katie that you can take into consideration. “Don’t go into a streamer chat only wanting to be a mod, the streamer can usually tell when people are doing that, and also why mod for a streamer if you aren’t there because you enjoy being there. Don’t ask for mod, you usually won’t get it by asking, unless you’re really good friends with the streamer. Don’t mini mod, it’s one of the most annoying things, if you’re known in chat and there’s no mods, its usually ok to call someone out for not following the rules to notify the streamer, but don’t tell people off for every little thing. It usually annoys the other mods and, in some cases, it annoys the streamer, cause you’re trying to mod their chat when they haven’t asked you to mod and probably don’t trust you to mod. If you want to be mod, you actually have to put in the hours, you have to be there when the streamer is streaming, talk in chat, be nice, follow the rules. It could take months, or it couldn’t happen at all. You just to be trustworthy, and you have to be there because you want to be there not just because you want to be a mod. A good way to start is with smaller streamers or with friends that stream.” Stated Katie.

   To make things easier for the moderators, avoid posting sexual comments regarding underaged streams, do not spam copypastas such as “We didn’t start the fire,” and so on. If you personally do not like the streamer, just keep it to yourself and no matter what is happening within the bit, it is never ok to send a person a death threat. Overall, just be a good person and not someone who is full of hate. 


   The topic about the Dream SMP story line and what is happening is a much-debated topic among the Minecraft community. One of the most heavily debated topics is if Wilbur Soot was the bad guy in the current story line of the Dream SMP, and surprisingly, two thirds of the moderators responded with yes. “I would say Wilbur is and isn’t the bad guy, as he’s doing his best for himself but with that, he is bringing those around him down so it all depends on the perspective.” Said Karla. 


    People get banned from the discord and from the streams for being rude or just overall toxic. But for some, the reason  why people got banned and how they responded to that is pretty weird., “On Twitch, I banned someone for saying something pretty inappropriate. In their ban appeal, instead of making up some long story, they just said “nah, that’s fair.” this answer came from MadsAF. 


   Lastly, a popular one that several people wanted to know, what the moderators favorite Tubbo moment was. For those who don’t know, Tubbo is a British streamer who is known for making jokes and just being overall funny. Katies response was “I haven’t seen a lot of Tubbo, but my favorite that I’ve seen of him is when he falls and he goes “ahhh” really quietly, or the “we didn’t start the fire” bit he did with Tommy, OR (sorry) when he plays Among Us with Captain Sparkles and he says Jordan isn’t the impostor even though Jordan kills in front of him. 


   It was interesting learning each of the moderator’s stories about how they became to be a moderator and the journey that it has taken them on so far. These people are the reason that the MCYT is flourishing and is growing at an impressive rate while maintaining balance and peace within the creator’s servers.  The moderators spend countless hours making sure the community and the people within, are following the rules and aren’t causing problems within the servers and overall, just make it a better place. All of the Moderators that were featured in this article, can be found in Wilbur Soot’s, and Tubbo’s discord server. If you so happen to run into any of the mods listed or not listed, it would be nice to give them a big Thank You for their hard work and contribution to their community.