LCN Baseball Coach Rocks on and off the Diamond

Gold Route

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Gold Route

Emily McLaughlin, Guest Writer

   Do you ever wonder what your baseball coach does outside of practice? Maybe he coaches other teams or works an office job. What about touring the country with his band? That’s the case with Senior Varsity Baseball Coach, Jordan Frame.  

   Frame is 25- years- old and has coached baseball for four years and has been playing music since he was 15. Throughout the years, Frame has improved and expanded his music career in many aspects. Currently, Frame is in a band called “Gold Route” with three other members: Sean Hazen (plays guitar and sings), Chris Fortuna (plays guitar), and Steve Razdom (plays the drums). The band has changed a lot from when they first formed it in 2010. “The original members of the band were me, Sean, and three other people and the band was called Sidelined but when the first record came out, members came and went until we finally found Fortuna and Razdom and became Gold Route.” Frame explained.

   Because of the band’s success, Frame has been able to tour all over the United States and meet fans from all over the country. Frame explained how crazy touring can be when you live out of a van. “A day in the life on the road would be- you wake up in a Planet Fitness or Walmart parking lot and try to get something to eat or drink that is small. Then we drive for hours until we reach the next tour location.” He also explained that even though driving and playing could be hectic, they always make time to stop in their favorite cities and explore. On his favorite part of touring, Frame states, “I will be cliche and say having the fan experience all over. Like when you travel and meet new people that actually like your music, that’s the best.”

   Frame said his words of wisdom would be; “I would like to say to all High-Schoolers, stay true to yourself and be open to making new friends and doing new things. Don’t be afraid of anything because highschool isn’t the end game.” 

   Don’t forget to stream Gold Route on any music platform and get ready for their new album coming this spring.