White Elephant Gift Exchange and how it is Played


Photo Credits: Chris Peraino White Elephant gifts all wrapped.

Chris Peraino, Sports Editor and News Editor

All over the world, many families have their own Christmas traditions and games.  A very moon game played is the White Elephant Gift Exchange.


What is a White Elephant gift exchange you may be asking? It is a gift exchange played with many people, where they can either use nice gifts, or items just laying around the house that they have been meaning to give away. The rules of the game: the game starts with all the gifts in the center of a circle. The participants will go one by one grabbing a gift from the center, or they can steal from another player that already has a present. Once everyone has had their turn picking or stealing their gift, each person gets to open their present and see what fun stuff they got. It could get people very mad or laugh to varies for every gift.


Kristen Peraino, mother of Chris Peraino ’21 states, “playing the White Elephant gift exchange on Christmas Eve with all my family and friends was so much fun, and we had great times playing it. It is going to be strange this year with a smaller gathering.”


Due to Covid-19, many Christmas traditions normally played on Christmas Eve and Day will be a bit different as many families will not be gathering, or will have small gatherings at different times. However, many people around the United States will make way to play the White Elephant, because I know my family will be playing with the rest of my family and friends.


Lauren Peraino, sister of Peraino ’21 says, “ I really hope we can get together with all my cousins and the rest of the family, especially for White Elephant, it brings so many laughs and smiles which in my opinion makes Christmas and the whole reason we celebrate it.”