College Football Playoffs Preview


Photo Credits: Chris Peraino

Chris Peraino, Sports Editor and News Editor

Some of the best football is coming this month. The long awaited College Football Playoffs plan to kick off at the end of the month.


This years college football season started much different and has been more difficult then seasons in the past. The biggest challenge: Covid-19. There were few college conferences around the country that started their season like any other season. Three of the five power five conferences started, the South Eastern Conference (SEC), the Atlantic Coastal Conference (ACC), and the Big 12. The two conferences in the Power Five conferences that’s season got postponed was the Big Ten and the Pac-12.


With the teams that had basically half of their season postponed, it had many people wondering, how are they going to be able to rank the teams equally at the end of the season if they played half the games that the teams that had their whole season played all their games? Many just left it up to the experts to decide how to rank them.


With the previous College Football Playoff Champions, LSU Tigers coming into the 2020 season, they were no big favorites to go back to back. The teams everyone knows that will most likely make it back into the playoffs, Alabama Crimson Tide, Clemson Tigers, and the Ohio State Buckeyes. Since the beginning of the season many people had eyes on these teams because they are always contenders in the playoffs and high up in the rankings every year. Also the three teams that are favored to make it into the playoffs have made it into the College Football Playoffs almost every year since it began in 2014.


Since the season is coming down to its last week of the season, the college football rankings for the playoffs are starting to be talked to more. As the biggest games of the year are starting, ( the conference championships). These games will really determine who will make it into the playoffs and change the rankings to kick teams out or put them in. The conference championship is technically the last regular season game of the season before Bowl games start so winning these games are crucial to a top tier teams rankings such as Ohio State. Winning the Big Ten Conference championship gives them the ticket into the College Football Playoffs.


The favorites this year to win the College Football Playoffs are (3) Clemson University with +200, (2) Ohio State University with +250, and (1) The University of Alabama with +400. Notre Dame is ranked at number 2 in the national rankings and stands at 10-0 but many people believe they are not ready for the big time games of playing an “Alabama” or “Clemson” team but few have seen how good this team can really be. During this season they have shown how much potential they have with one of the best records in the country but they are just a very slept on team.


If the rankings stay as is, the semi-finals will be played, (1) Alabama against (4) Ohio State, and (2) Notre Dame and (3) Clemson. The semi-finals will be held on New Years Day (January 1st) where the Rose Bowl game will be at 5 p.m. and the All-State Sugar Bowl will be played at 8:45 p.m. and the winners of those two games get a ticket into the National Championship. That game will be held on January 11th at 8 p.m.