Christmas Day NBA Basketball vs Thanksgiving Day NFL Football

A big social media debate… Which one is better?


Photo Credits: Chris Peraino

Chris Peraino, Spots Editor and News Editor

The big debate that has been storming social media for years, is NBA Christmas Day basketball better than NFL Thanksgiving Day Football, or vice versa?


Football is one of America’s past-times other than baseball. The special thing about Thanksgiving football is that it has been played on that day since 1882, started by the Intercollegiate Football Association, and the tradition eventually came to the National Football League (NFL) when it was created in 1920.  Many people see Thanksgiving football as a ritual, go over to a family members house or friends house, smell the delicious food cooked and being served. Getting filled up on all the Thanksgiving goodies, and hearing the sound of the 75 inch, flat screen TV, the roar of the crowd when a team scores a touchdown, people know this is a traditional Thanksgiving Day. Football, Family, Food.


Toby Vergara ’21 had his take on which one he likes better, this was his response, “I like Thanksgiving NFL Football better because a Detroit team actually play, the Detroit Lions, on the other hand, on Christmas Day, the Detroit Pistons do not play so my interest in watching a non-Detroit team goes down.”


On the other hand, there are people that have the opposite viewpoint from Vergara ’21. This is the “hoopers” favorite day of the year, they get to spend time with family, get to open Christmas gifts, and get to watch NBA basketball the whole day. Although over the past couple years, people have been disappointed on Christmas Day because when they watch the game, they are hopping to see the cool new Christmas jersey the NBA designed this year, but once NBA teamed with Nike, we have not seen a Christmas Day specialty jersey since. All in all going over to a family members house, eating food, opening Christmas presents while laughing an watching the Christmas Day NBA basketball games is what people love about Christmas.


William Noble ’23, states his views on Christmas Day NBA basketball, “I like Christmas Day basketball because it has Chris in the word and it is the name of my buddy Chris Peraino. On a real note, I like Christmas Day NBA basketball better because almost every year Lebron James, my favorite NBA player plays and I love to watch him dominate.”


The debate has been goin on for such a long time and people get into arguments with family members and even friends. Whichever view someone has on the two special days in sports, Just accept their choice, both days of sports are great, but family time is most important on both of these days.