One Of Us Is Lying- Book Review

This is the cover of the hit murder mystery book, One Of Us Is Lying. Find out what really happened at Bayview Highschool by reading this book.


This is the cover of the hit murder mystery book, One Of Us Is Lying. Find out what really happened at Bayview Highschool by reading this book.

Makayla Nason, Photo editor and Entertainment Editor

The Storyline:


   The story “One of Us Is Lying” Is a murder mystery story, taken place in the town of Bayview.

The book, which was published in May 2017, was on the New York Times best-sellers list for a total of 129 weeks after its publishing. The book uses a format known as multiperspectivity, to show the different perspectives of the five main characters as they progress through the story in order to show what everyone’s thoughts are. This will play a key role in the story telling of the book.


   We start off the story with the five main characters, Bronwyn, Simon, Nate, Cooper, and Addy (Adelaide) with them all in detention after they were caught with phones in their bag, breaking the school rules. Each of the students claim that it wasn’t their phone and that they are being falsely accused. While in detention, they heard a loud crash outside the classroom, making the teacher, Mr.Avery, leave to go check it out. While the teacher was gone, Simon went on a rant about his app ‘About-that’ which basically exposes the gossip of the personal lives of the students at Bayview, for everyone to see. He starts talking about each of the other four students’ lives and how everyone else views them. Simon then takes a drink from a plastic cup, making him suffer from a deadly allergic reaction to peanuts. The other students in the room rushed to save him, but they were too late as he died in the hospital.


   Simon’s death was originally considered an accident, but a Tumblr post revealed that Simon’s death was planned, and the killer was in the room as he died. The police began to investigate, and found that Simon was going to expose everyone who was in that room and their darkest secrets the next day. This includes Bronwyn cheating on a test that would affect her college career, Nates repeated actions that should make him in jail, Addy’s infidelity that could ruin her relationship and social life, and an accusation of Cooper using steroids to gain rankings in the baseball division. While these secrets weren’t posted, it would make for a good reason for wanting to get rid of someone, making the four students the main suspects.


   After Simon’s public funeral, another Tumblr post was made, exposing everyone’s secrets. Bronwyn’s parents were disappointed, Cooper was forced to take several drug tests, Addy’s relationship was ruined, and Nate was sent to Juvenile detention later in the book. More evidence starts to unfold and more secrets are made. While Simon was having an allergic reaction, one of the students ran to the nurses office to get epi pens, but they were all gone. Police couldn’t find an explanation for this until they discovered that Addy was in the nurse’s office earlier that day. They also discover a comment that Bronwyn made on an old Tumblr post that exposed her sister, saying “I’m going to kill you.” Nate’s reputation automatically makes him suspicious, and another one of Simon’s exposures on Cooper, could have led them both off the edge.


    But not all things are negative. The group popularly known as “The Bayview four,” start to grow close to eachother as they try to figure out who actually murder Simon. As they grow closer, Nate and Bronwyn start to develop a romantic relationship that will play a role in the main parts of the book.


   Each person as an alibi for why it couldn’t be them. But if it wasn’t one of the “Bayview Four,” then who was it? You have to read the book to find out.


My Review and Thoughts


   I myself, am an avid reader and am continuously finding new and intriguing books to read. This book was actually recommended to me by the Honors English 10 teacher, Ms.Luther. If I’m being honest, I am a sucker for romance as it is one of my favorite genres. So while this is in fact a murder mystery story, it does in fact have romance that made me squeal with joy while reading. 


   It also has incredible plot twists that made me angry, sad, and happy all in one. While I could not personally interact and change the story, it made me think in my free time, who the murder could actually be. It provides you with all the facts that you could come up with your own hypothesis for the end of the story. About five chapters in, I wrote a short hypothesis about who I think the murder was, and to my surprise, I was wrong. This just shows how the author throws surprises at you, all throughout the story. 


   I think personally that this is a really good book for anyone who likes mysteries, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I’m going to rank this book a 8/10 and I definitely recommend that you give it a read in your free time or for in-school reasons.