Long Distance Racing Pigeon To Be Killed Due To Biosecurity Threat

Long Distance Racing Pigeon To Be Killed Due To Biosecurity Threat

Sam Marwin, Opinions Editor

A pigeon named Joe flew 8,000 miles from the United States to find a new home in Australia. But due to Australians being scared the pigeon has diseases, they have decided the bird must die. He is to be executed as soon as he’s caught.

 A Mr. Celli-Bird found the exhausted bird known as Joe, in his backyard in Melbourne, Australia on December 26, 2020. Due to the American tag on his leg, he was declared a biohazard by Australian officials. They believe Joe got lost in a pigeon race in the United States, specifically Alabama. He supposedly flew across the Pacific Ocean landing on a cargo ship, taking him on a one way trip to Melbourne. 

Celli-Bird says he named the pigeon after newly elected president, Joe Biden, as he’s from America. People love this and giving him a name made the people love him even more so and are trying to fight to save this innocent bird. In London, the pigeon loving capital, they have made Joe a celebrity. They even started a campaign called, Saving Joe. “Let’s give him a second chance,” says Simon McCoy, BBC Newsreader. 

The fans standing behind Joe in his fight were outraged when they found their favorite bird was to be killed. That’s how Saving Joe started. The Australian officials have asked Celli-Bird to catch the bird, to be executed so as to not endanger themselves. But alas, Joe seems to have escaped death row as his strength returned and he flew away.