Rejoining the Paris Climate Agreement


Christina Trotta, Features Editor

   Newly-elected President Joe Biden has announced that the United States will rejoin the Paris Accord, after former President Donald Trump’s controversial decision to withdraw from it. 

   In a series of new executive orders during his new term, President Biden is taking action on some of the issues he promised to focus on during his campaign. One of his orders includes rejoining the Paris Accord, taking a stronger stand on dealing with climate change. 

   In 2015, people around the world were beginning to recognize the devastating effects of global warming on the future. 195 countries around the world decided to create an agreement that would help reduce harmful emissions worldwide, in an effort to combat global warming. The Times notes that this agreement pushes countries away from “investment in coal, oil and gas as primary energy sources toward zero-carbon energy sources like wind, solar and nuclear power.”

   In 2017, former President Trump announced that the U.S. would be leaving this agreement. According to the New York Times, Trump argued that the Paris pact “would be harmful to the economy.” 

   With a large part of his campaign and presidential term focused on cutting taxes and fixing the American economy, Trump decided that the Paris Agreement ultimately would eliminate too many jobs by cutting emissions, thus ruining his good economy. Trump consequently withdrew from the agreement.

   The laws of the agreement make it so that the U.S. did not officially leave the agreement until November of 2020, just one day after the presidential election. This hot topic became a big election issue, with both candidates taking opposite stands on the issue. 

   Current President Biden is now working with urgency to undo the Trump administration’s decision. Fulfilling his campaign promise, Biden has recommitted to the Paris Accord, trying to make up for the damage done. 

   “It’s about coming to the moment to deal with this maximum threat that’s now facing us, climate change, with a greater sense of urgency. In my view, we’ve already waited too long to deal with this climate crisis and we can’t wait any longer.” Commented President Biden, in a press conference on January 27.

   Additionally, Biden claims that a strong approach to fixing this issue will actually create more jobs.  In a recent press conference, Biden commented on the economic impact of climate change. “We can put millions of Americans to work modernizing our water systems, transportation, our energy infrastructure to withstand the impacts of extreme climate. We’ve already reached a point where we’re going to have to live with what it is now. That’s going to require a lot of work all by itself…”

   On January 27th, 2021, the Biden administration implemented an executive order to fight back against the climate crisis. President Biden is likely hopeful that his decision will appeal to his voters, as well as improve the economy for all Americans, with an eventual goal of benefitting many generations of Americans to come.