The L’Anse Creuse United Hockey Faces Off for a New Season

Kayley Ulbrik, Sports Editor

With various winter sports approaching, the L’Anse Creuse United (LCU) hockey team is ready to get back on the ice and start their season. 

Last year, the LCU team became Regional Champions after putting up a strong and successful fight against Dakota High School. Soon after, they made it to State Quarterfinals and unfortunately ended the season after a hard-fought game against Howell High School. However, they are excited and ready to come back this season and take on another Regional Championship.

Although the team lost some key players last year, LCU has a wide range of talented seniors this year who are looking forward to stepping up and leading their teammates to victory in the upcoming season. 

Jeffery Deriemacker, ‘21, is most excited to “Have a chance to play again and be out there with all of my good friends.”

“As team captain, I think a big responsibility is setting the right example for the younger players on the team…and leading the team in practice and games in the best way that I can,” says Deriemacker. As for the season itself, the team captain says, “We’ve been looking pretty good so far. We lost a lot of seniors…but through our non-contact practices and wearing masks, we’ve been getting through it… We’re going all the way [this season]… Mac Red champions, Regional champions, and we’re going back to States.”

With the new restrictions regarding school sports in Michigan, there have been some setbacks. Unlike previous years, the team has to follow social distancing guidelines during their practices. However, given that hockey is a contact sport, it has been difficult for the boys to change the way that they prepare for the season. 

Jack Majchrzak, ‘21, describes that while playing with COVID-19 restrictions, “We continue to wear masks while we play and try to prevent contact with each other as much as possible.” Majchrzak is also a co-captain for LCU, and is excited to end his career as a leader to his teammates. While playing his last high school season, Majchrzak is looking forward to, “…the memories that we will make [throughout] the season [and] winning games.”

LCN students are also thrilled for the hockey season to start. Even though they might not be able to cheer their classmates on from behind the glass in the ice arena, they hope to still follow the boys throughout the season. Faith Andrzejewski, ‘21 and a LCU fan says, “My favorite part of going to the hockey games last year was seeing the players work together and get really excited when they win… seeing the community come together to support them was amazing.”

Even though this year might not be the same for the team, Andrzejewski says, “I am [still] excited for the season and I’m glad that even if the season’s different, they still get to play. Especially for the seniors, I am happy that they get some kind of season; for the people that don’t play sports, we get a sport to watch.”

Emma Kozicki, ‘22, also says, “I liked how a lot of people came to the games and supported the team [during] their season.” Kozicki attended many games in the previous years and hopes to be a part of LCU’s student section even if it is through a video on a phone or computer.

Although this year is one like no other for high school sports, it seems that the hockey team is keeping a positive mindset and is only focused on making the best of the season. This positive mindset that the players have – and their remarkable abilities on the ice – will enable them to make it far in the season and reclaim the title of Regional Champions.