Second Semester at LCN


Emily McLaughlin, Staff Writer

     January 22nd marked the last day of finals for LCN students, which means that the second semester is about to start. Students have mixed feelings about starting a new semester with new classes. 

              Before the new semester starts, students’ minds are occupied with the stress of finals week. A few students shared their experience about their tests. Taylor Fanning ‘21, explained how she spent over 15 hours studying for her Calculus exam just to take an hour and a half test. “I get super stressed during exam week and I spent all week and weekend studying but the test wasn’t too bad and I still ended with an A.” commented Fanning. 

          At least for Fanning, the long hours were worth it as the studying did pay off. For Mackenzie Roa ‘21, however,  only an hour was spent studying for her Statistics exam, and she still ended with an A. “I already had an A in my Statictics class and I knew that my final exam wouldn’t affect it so I didn’t have to study for too long.”

       Whether you fall into Roa’s situation or Fanning’s, finals are finally over and it’s time for a fresh start at LCN. With finals out of the way, most students are ready for new classes, and most importantly, the end of the year. Shannon McLaughlin ‘23, described how her classes changed a lot this semester. Her Drawing switched to Pottery, and her Government switched to Economy. Despite her shake-up in classes, she held a positive attitude, stating “I really like all my teachers and I’m excited to finish the school year strong.”

         Dakota Bartell ‘21, expressed that what she’s most excited about this semester, is graduating and getting ready for college. She exclaimed that she was a little annoyed that she didn’t see her schedule until the day of. “I always get really nervous before the new semester because I don’t know what my classes are and I don’t want to spend the day in the counseling office trying to figure it out.” Bartell explained. 

         A lot of students seemed to have a problem with this as well. Fanning dealt with similar troubles, commenting how  she was nervous for the first day of the new semester,  because she wasn’t sure which classes she was going to have. “Since I’m in MST and AP classes, I have a lot of books to carry with me everyday and when I don’t know what my classes are on certain days I have to bring everything with me and it’s exhausting.” Fanning added. 

       Although this school year is not what anyone expected, students seem to be making the most of it. Hopefully this semester goes smoothly, and the seniors are able to enjoy their last semester in High-School with their friends.