Class of 2021 Graduation Ceremony Questioned


Mackenzie Roa

Graduation gown on display for seniors.

Mackenzie Roa, Staff Writer

  The COVID-19 pandemic has caused many events to change, or even be cancelled.  Graduation ceremonies are one of these events; current 2021 seniors and staff members at L’Anse Creuse North High School (LCN) are wondering if they will get any graduation ceremony this spring. It is possible that LCN will decide not to have the seniors get together and celebrate the end of their high school careers.  

  Current senior at LCN, Reese Cook weighs in on the conversation. “We worked hard to graduate even when times were tough, and we need to be celebrated.” 

  To Cook, a graduation ceremony would represent more than just receiving her diploma. It is a recognition of her and her fellow senior’s four years through high school. It would give her closure about what is to come next. “It is more than just getting a piece of paper to me. It means that I completed my high school career, and I can only move forward from there.”  

  The pandemic has taken a toll on the class of 2021 at LCN. Still, Cook has hope for her and her peers, “I really do believe it is possible to have a normal graduation this year. With the vaccine coming out and our knowledge of the virus, I hope we can make it happen.”

  Due to the shut down in March of 2020, another LCN 2021 senior has spoken about why she believes 2021 should have their graduation ceremony. “They’ve had all year to think of a plan to give us a graduation that’s on an actual stage. We know of precautions everyone could take and still maintain our safety,” stated Taylor Fanning ’21.

  The class of 2021 has already had to miss out on homecoming, fall sports games, pep assemblies, student council fundraisers, powder puff, and more. This has caused an even greater desire to have a ceremony. “I would be very disappointed if we didn’t get one because we had a very unexciting senior year. We might not even get to finish with the fun stuff like prom or the senior all night party,” Fanning adds.

  Fanning reflects on the thought that 2021’s graduation could become a drive-thru like the class of 2020’s was. “I thought 2020’s ceremony was sad. Compared to my brother’s real one in 2017 and my sister’s drive-thru one in 2020, it was upsetting. People didn’t get as many awards as they should have. They also didn’t really get to enjoy it with their friends, since they were all in their separate cars.”

  One of 2021 senior’s class advisors and German teacher at LCN James Ekdahl gives hope to those worried about not having one. “We for sure will have one. The school is looking into so many options as to what we are able to do. Everyone wants one, the teachers, students, and principal. We understand why seniors are upset, but we are doing everything we can. The best thing to do is let people know seniors deserve a ceremony, and sell things from our fundraisers like our pizza kits,” Ekdahl remarks. “I’m proud of the kids for wearing their masks and cleaning desks. I don’t even have to ask my students to clean. They just do it on their own now. Also, a lot of teachers have been vaccinated. The more vaccines the better chance we have.”

  The seniors at LCN believe they deserve more than having their 4 years of high school being acknowledged by getting their diplomas through a car window.  They want to celebrate on stage with their friends.