DECA Shines at Competitions


Emma B

DECA is a club sponsored by the Business Department at LCN

Michael Yuschak , Staff writer

   It’s no secret that covid-19 has affected every single one of us tremendously and has changed our way of living that we all became accustomed to in so many ways. We all had to change our normal everyday lives to adjust to the pandemic. On the flip side of things, 2021 was a very successful season for Mr. Lamberti and his DECA program. Their usual DECA conferences would entail all the members going to Detroit. 

   At these conferences, everyone on the team is required to take a 100 question quiz before the conferences. Then at the competition, he or she will be put into a business scenario to do a role play in front of a judge. If a member on the team performs well, then he or she will advance to the second competition, which is in California.

   I had the privilege of speaking to Mr. Lamberti and some LCN DECA members about the outstanding season they had and the hardships that came along with it. “2020-2021 brought a challenge or two to DECA this year. The biggest upset this year was instead of going to Detroit for the weekend the conference will be online. Also, we will not be going to California this year and that competition will be online,” Mr. Lamberti stated. The DECA conference is one of many events being cancelled this year due to the pandemic. Members of the DECA team are very upset about this situation, and Mr. Lamberti described this tragic loss as “Memorable experiences that keep disappearing in the wake of the pandemic.”

   A huge hardship that came upon the entire DECA program was fundraising. In previous years, the team was able to have many fundraising events in order to help fund their trips to these conferences. The 2021 season was difficult, as they couldn’t fundraise as much due to COVID-19. Mr. Lamberti described, “The inability to fundraise hurt us a little, even though the club lowered registration fees. At least there were no plane and hotel bills.” 

   This year, the club performed outstanding at these competitions and exceeded expectations from previous years. Mr. Lamberti stated, “The key point to this year’s success, I thought, was being face to face. Being able to interact, learn, provide feedback all in real time. Another key factor that contributed to our success was experience and knowledge. We continue to build the business program, we continue to learn, continue to grow, and continue to SUCCEED!”

   This year the LCN DECA team had much success and they are sending 20 members to the State Conference this March. I asked Mr. Lamberti what this means for these students, he responded “50% of our 40 members being recognized as the top students in Macomb County for business, it truly is amazing and I am proud of all 40 members.” 

   I also had the privilege to speak to a member of DECA, Gina Stahovec, about the success of the team and also the hardships that occurred along the way. When asked what she believed was the key to the team’s success, she responded, “Taking our time to really read the prompts and looking at it from a business point of view.” The conference wasn’t any easier this year just because it was online. It was just as difficult as any other year, and Stahovec says, “The unpreparedness, there was really no studying for the conference, and you kind of went in there blind.” 

  Mr. Lamberti and the entire LCN DECA team are very excited to have succeeded this year in spite of the ongoing pandemic. They hope that this streak of success will continue on for the years to come.   With the amount of extra hardship students and Mr. Lamberti had to overcome, I have no doubt that they will succeed in everything they do.