Winter Sports Restrictions



The showcase for LCN basketball and wrestling.

Ava Dezinski, Staff Writer

  The 2020-2021 school year has been difficult enough for students, and athletes have been put in a particularly hard situation. Winter sports restrictions began in November of 2020 and affected athletes and coaches up until just recently. On November 15th, the Michigan High School Athletic Association (MHSAA) released the first winter sports restriction. The executive order suspended in-person practices, and limited athletes and coaches to virtual-only contact. The MHSAA released a string of updates throughout December and January, taking away restrictions bit by bit. 


  On February 4th, the MHSAA released their newest update which allows for all winter sports to begin practices with full contact, and allows for competitions to begin as well. The order goes into effect on February 8th and also follows with new guidelines for some of the sports. 


  Competitive cheer is now allowed to remove masks during their tumbling and stunting in practices. In addition, cheerleaders are also not required to wear masks while competing. Cheerleading’s guidelines have been changed due to the fact that athletes only come into contact with their own team.


  Wrestling guidelines have also changed; they have to have a negative rapid test before the day of their competition. All of the athletes who test negative and are able to compete do not have to wear masks while participating in a wrestling match. However, all other individuals will be required to wear a mask at all times. The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services will be providing schools with rapid tests for wrestling teams and any other sport that wishes to be tested.


  With winter sports finally in session, athletes are finally receiving normalcy after the chaotic year of COVID.