Life as a Senior in 2021


Senior girls hang out in their favorite art class. Pictured (from left to right): Alyssa Benka ’21, Leyna Doerr ’21, Isabella Calabrese ’21, Alison Schlacht ’21, Kelsey Duffey ’21, Reese Cook ’21

Christina Trotta, Features Editor

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   Senior year is special. Every good teen rom-com is set during this pivotal year in adolescence, because there is so much opportunity for memories to be made. Just being a senior has a different feeling than being in any other grade. Seniors are the  top dogs of the school, the oldest in the district. 

   Yet, to many seniors, including myself, this has not been the case.

   I interviewed multiple seniors in my leadership class and asked what senior year has been like thus far. 

   Reese Cook described the empty feeling of being a senior this year bluntly, “Disappointing. Very disappointing.” 

   Reese is a big fan of Fall and Spring sports, but this year, she has not been able to attend any of her favorite after school athletics. The football team was able to play in the fall, however, to the dismay of many excited seniors, the student section remained closed. “You kind of work your way up through high school to get to the front of the bleachers… so it just sucked that we couldn’t,” she continued. 

   A longstanding tradition at LCN football games is that freshmen stand in the back rows, and each of the rows according to grade level, with seniors partying in the front row. The senior section is packed full of colorful beads, Party City face paint, loud blaring speakers, American flags, and a lot of spirit. 

   Another important tradition of senior year is getting to experience everything for the last time. Getting to soak in an event and going all out, knowing you’ll never get to experience it again. Isabella Calabrese states “Getting to have our last Charity Week and last pep assembly sitting in the senior section. It’s sad that we can’t have that this year but I know they will do something else instead.” 

   Other traditions that students were excited for included Homecoming and Prom. While the logistics of Prom occurring this school year are still up in the air, many students feel that they will get to miss out on what is supposed to be the best dance of high school. “The event I will be the most upset about is definitely Prom. I’ve been waiting for Prom since I watched High School Musical,” says Khadijat Moshood ‘21.

   Many other seniors agreed, including Nick Heitchue, who stated that “The event I’m most looking forward to this year is probably Prom. Hopefully it can still happen.” 

   The Class of 2021 Student Council has been working hard for four years to raise money and put on an amazing Prom. Senior Class President, Kayley Ulbrik, discussed the rumors about Prom with me. “Throughout the years we’ve been raising money and doing fundraisers. We have enough money and even more to have prom… But, due to COVID, and the restrictions, it’s still up in the air, so we don’t know exactly… We know that a lot of students want to have a prom so we’re gonna try our best to find any way possible. cause last year they did have a little prom limited to 100 people. So if we could do something like that, that would be amazing. But at the end of the day we are hoping for the overall senior class prom.”

   After hearing all the news, it is easy for students to be unhappy about the school year. But, the staff is working tirelessly to make sure that seniors still have something to look forward to.

   Mrs. Hough’s leadership class is hosting Senior Spirit Friday’s. They saw a similar idea at L’Anse Creuse High School and made it their own. Every week, there is a new theme for that Friday, and students are enjoying participating.

   In a recent senior class parent meeting, LCN Principal Meredith Beard and various counselors and staff members discussed some of the rumors and news surrounding the end of the year. They confirmed that the senior barbeque, honors convocation, prom, graduation, and Senior All Night Party are being planned for the end of the year. In addition, the Student Council is working hard on LCN’s annual Charity Week event. The meeting proved that there still are events to look forward to this year!

   This year has been a swirling mix of emotions. Many students are upset with this year, but as it comes to a close, and as the weather warms up, we will be able to participate in more fun activities. Many seniors, including myself, are very hopeful for the Spring. When I asked about all of the changes to this school year, senior Isabella Calabrese reflected: “We will adjust. We will compromise, and it will be better.” 

   Calabrese’s attitude towards the rest of the school year shows that we should all stay positive, and that there are good things still to come.