The Croods New Challenges


Dylan Adams

The Croods can be found on Netflix; check it out before seeing Croods The New Age

Dylan Adams, Staff Writer

The Croods, the New Age was recently released, and it’s been a hit while it’s been out. In the movie, the Croods meet the Bettermans, a family nearby, while they were out looking for a place to stay safe from the outside creatures looking for food. The Bettermans welcome the Crood family into their protected and well advanced tree house. In the tree house, they met Phil and Hope and their daughter Dawn. Dawn and Eep get along instantly and become best girl friends. Grug soon becomes irritated by the Bettermans with their family being so advanced and the Bettermans try to convince Grug that Guy is better off not with the Croods. 

While everyone is busy within the tree house, Eep and Dawn escape the fortress to the other side for a little adventure. But while on the other side, Eep hurts her hand and it becomes a noticeable injury. But later on things begin to heat up between the two families when Eep’s injury becomes noticed. After this rough encounter, the Croods decide to head out. But before they could leave, monkeys began attacking both families. The one thing Phil told the Croods was not to eat the bananas but what he didn’t tell them was who they were for. The Bettermans would give the monkeys bananas as a peace treaty so they wouldn’t attack them. And because Grug ate all the bananas that’s when war began. As chaos ensues with the ongoing invasion, the monkeys take Grug, Phil and Guy as their prisoners.

After the dust has settled, Eep and Dawn take on the challenge of going to rescue everyone from the monkeys in their base, but soon to find out the monkeys were also in a pinch. They had a job to keep a Spiny Mandrilla happy in order to stay safe. After a while the monkeys decide to make Grug and Phil fight each other in order to see who’s the best. As they fight to see who’s the best, they soon realize it’s pointless and they can all forgive one another for their individual actions.

In the end, both Eep and Dawn come to the rescue to help save the men from being eaten while doing it in fashion, Eep and Guy use a fire rope to defeat, and kill the giant Spiny Mandrilla. After the Mandrilla is dead, both Eep and Guy finally make up and become friends again. Once back home at the Bettermans, the Bettermans allow the Croods to stay with them as neighbors. Soon after Eep and guy move into a bedroom together in which Grug approves of. After reviewing the new hit movie, The Croods the New Age is definitely worth seeing.