LCN Welcomes a New School Counselor

LCN Welcomes a New School Counselor

Curtis Clark

Kayley Ulbrik, Sports Editor

   One common phrase when undergoing a big change is, ‘when one door closes another opens.’ Many crusaders are thinking about change right now, as LCN’s beloved counselor, Mrs. Merkel, has moved to a new building. However, our school has also gained a new counselor who many are excited for.


   Mrs. Camaj, the new guidance counselor, moved to Crusader Nation at the start of the second semester. She has said that the first couple of weeks at LCN have been, “very hectic, but everyone here has been super supportive.”


   Given that Camaj moved here as soon as the second semester started, she was in for a wild ride with scheduling, student appointments, and much more. “It has been a little crazy with the scheduling and all of that… other than that, I’ve enjoyed it so far.” commented Camaj.


   Prior to her arrival at LCN, Camaj was a counselor at L’Anse Creuse Middle School East (MSE), which is a major change when it comes to the students. She says that the two school’s environments are “very different. At the middle school level, we don’t have as much do with scheduling and there aren’t as many classes that we have to worry about. There’s not necessarily a lot less work, but it’s very different.”


   From working with middle schoolers to helping soon-to-be adults prepare for college, Camaj comments on the most challenging thing so far, saying  “[The most challenging thing is] Doing something completely different than what I was doing at the middle school. My focus there was more on students and student relationships; I was working things out with their relationships with friends and family versus scheduling and college readiness. The students’ stress level here is definitely much higher than the ones at the middle school, so that’s been a different experience for me.” 


   Although she has a major shift in the types of students that she’ll be working with, Camaj still sounds confident that she will get the job done.


   Apart from the stressful aspect of moving to a new school, our new counselor is also excited to explore a new environment with new people. “I worked at L’Anse Creuse High School before I went to [Middle School] East, so I had experience with the high school level. A lot of things that the high school can do that the middle school can’t is what I’m looking forward to [such as] Charity Week and all of the extra curricular things that you guys have here.”


    With Charity Week making its way to LCN next month, Camaj is looking forward to many of the events being held and raising money as a whole.


   In addition to learning about LCN events, Mrs. Camaj also has some ideas herself that she wants to bring to Crusader Nation. “I worked a lot with the mental health part at the middle school level because I had the time to do it which was nice, and there were a lot of different things that I was dabbling with over there… We did a mental health week where we provided students with outlets throughout the day and they had to sign up for different types of breakout rooms; we had dogs come in and had a dog therapy day.”


   Camaj also started a tradition at MSE that she hopes to bring to LCN. “At the middle school, we had something called ‘Eagles Connect’ where virtual students were able to have a place to connect with their friends who were in person which I think is important,” explained Camaj. 


   “Since we have so many virtual kids, they lack the feeling of being connected, and a lot of those students felt so isolated and that’s why they didn’t do well online. Even if it is just to vent and say ‘this is how my day was’ and ‘this is how my week was’, it is important for students to have an outlet and be able to relate to other people.”


   Despite the busy transition from working at a middle school to coming to a high school with 2,000 students, Mrs. Camaj seems ready to take on the challenge. Crusader Nation has been yet again lucky to have a new face representing LCN.