LCN Teachers Affected by COVID-19


Mrs. Macomber socially distant classroom. Photo Credit: Mrs. Macomber

Michael Yuschak , Staff writer

     In the past year, our country has been greatly affected by COVID-19 in numerous ways, countless tragedies, new life lessons, and life changes. This pandemic has shown many people the importance of appreciating your family and the many aspects of their life that they have taken for granted. 


     A little closer to home, our teachers, at High School North, were drastically affected by COVID-19.The pandemic has changed how school is being taught and what it is like to be a student. I had the privilege of speaking to three of our teachers Mrs. Macomber, Mr. Wenzel, and Ms. Cardeccia about how their lives were affected by COVID-19 positively and negatively. 


     Mrs. Macomber has been teaching since 2006 and for the past seven years at High School North. She says that she has never experienced anything like this ongoing pandemic. It is very difficult to hear people when masks are covering our faces. “I am finding it incredibly difficult to teach while wearing masks. I didn’t realize how much I relied on lip reading and facial expressions to communicate with my students. I find myself having to ask students to repeat themselves.  I also miss seeing my students smile. I feel like I barely know what they look like, since the masks cover so much of their faces.” 


     “COVID-19 has teachers stretched incredibly thin meaning I have to update and check multiple platforms a day from my in person students to my virtual students on schoology.” 


     In bad times we can not just worry about the negative outcomes, we must also consider the positives. “On a positive note, I really love the A/B class schedules we have now. I love that now students have two days to complete assignments. I think this prepares them for college better.”


     Mr. Wenzel has been teaching for a short period of time at High School North, but he also has never seen anything like our ongoing pandemic.  Personal stepping stones in people’s lives had to be put on hold because of the pandemic. “Our locking down and transition into a safer more distanced social environment has caused me to put a few personal plans on hold. While I was disheartened at first to delay some of the major steps I had intended to take in life this past year, I am more than happy to have done so to focus on the health, wellness, and security of myself and everyone around me.”


      “Personally, the pandemic has opened my eyes to everything that I used to take for granted: quality time with friends and family and the freedom to travel and experience life. These are aspects of my life that I now cherish more than ever and the day will soon come for me to cherish them once again.”


     Ms. Cardeccia has been teaching math at High School north for a few years and agrees that nobody could have possibly predicted the last year. People around the world feel the frustration of not being able to see most of their extended family because of the fear of spreading or catching the virus. “COVID-19 has negatively affected me, in my extended family get together quite often, so not being able to get those hugs from my grandparents and aunt/uncles was awful.” 


    “COVID has positively affected me in giving me more time to just mentally “be” in whatever I am doing. So many times I think we find ourselves doing something, but our mind is in ten different places. I now have more time to do things for myself like workout and read.” 


     It is true that we have all been affected by COVID-19 in many ways, some bad and others good, and both ways could be life changing. It is also no secret that our High School North staff including all of our teachers have been affected by the virus more than we can understand. One day we will return to our happy/fulfilling life and be happy we made it through the pandemic.