The Competition is ‘Ruff’ for this year’s Pet Wars


Kayley Ulbrik

The Pet Wars bulletin board shows off the staffs’ furry, scaled, and winged friends!

Kayley Ulbrik, Sports Editor

   The Pet Wars competition has always been a fan favorite at LCN during Charity Week, and the teachers are coming out swinging this year in order to make their pet the champion.

   In previous years, the types of pets competing included dogs, cats, ducks, and even a horse, so every student is excited to see what kind of pets will be competing for the title of Pet Wars Winner this year.

   Since Charity week is combined with L’Anse Creuse High School and Pankow, the competition does not stop after a school winner is declared. After a pet wins the competition at their respective school, they will go head-to-head against the winners from the other schools in the district. The final three will compete until one pet is crowned the Pet Wars Winner of the entire L’Anse Creuse District. 

   This year, LCN has over 20 pets competing with their owners. Last year, Mrs. Thornsberry and her dog, Jerry won the Pet Wars contest. “It was awesome. Jerry is a rescue, he lived in a box with his brother for five and a half months, and he started out with a really rough life. We only had him for about a month when we entered Pet Wars and we were so happy to give him a new life… being crowned the winner of Pet Wars was the icing on the cake.” commented Thornsberry. 

   According to Thornsberry, “[Jerry] will be back this year, but he’s got a lot of competition… there’s a lot of cute pets up there.”

   Another competitor in Pet Wars is Mrs. Macomber and her dog, Luna Lovegood Macomber. Luna is a 13-month old Akita and Macomber states, “She is very excited… She’s a very confident, eager puppy.”

   Macomber explains, “We have some cute animals and Luna ranks at the top of that list, but we have some strong competition for sure.”

   The community service coordinator, Mrs. Hosler is also very excited to be participating for another year with her dog Neeko. “[Neeko] is seven years old and this will be our fourth year entering the Pet Wars.”

   Hosler explains, “We’re a little nervous because we’re a fan favorite here, but now [competing] with [L’Anse Creuse High School]… It’s going to be a tough fight… I’d like to see us in the top three!”

   Another LCN fan favorite that will be returning this year is none other than Officer Kostenko and his dog, Jaxon. “[Jaxon] is a Goldendoodle and he’s a little over a year old. He was supposed to be my wife’s dog, but he sort of became my dog… Now, he’s like my best friend.”

   Not only do Kostenko and Jaxon have a strong pet-owner bond, they are also ready to take on the competition this year. “[Jaxon] was telling me he’s feeling pretty confident because he feels like he made a lot of friends when I brought him here last year.”

   Apart from dogs, LCN also has some staff who have some pretty extraordinary pets that they are putting in the competition this year including Mrs. Paquette. “His name is Spike, he is a Bearded Dragon, and he is seven months old.”

   Out of the four years of hosting Pet Wars, LCN has never had a bearded dragon until now. “He likes to swim in the bathtub and eat lots of vegetables, crickets, and mealworms.” 

   Despite being first-year competitors, Paquette says, “I’m very excited… I’m not nervous, but I just hope that he doesn’t go to the bathroom as we’re walking across the gym floor!”

   Out of all of the competitors this year, Señora Franks is one of the most excited for Pet Wars. Franks has entered her dog, Charley into the competition every year and has been very close to winning the trophy. “Charley is a three year old Goldendoodle, he was the runt of the litter, and he is the smallest Goldendoodle I have ever seen… but he has the biggest heart of any Goldendoodle I have ever seen or met. He’s got the most beautiful hazel eyes which is what first made us fall in love with him.”

   “Charley is very excited… In the past, he has placed in the top three spots: second place one year and third place another. He would love to take first place; he has already gone to the groomer so that he can look his best, and he has learned a new talent when his family was quarantined which was how to sing! He has a new song ready for release on his debut album and this is no joke.”

   As Señora stated, Pet Wars is no joke this year. There are many more furry, scaled, and winged creatures that will be joining Pet Wars this year, and Crusader Nation is thrilled to watch them walk across the gym. 

   Once the winner for LCN is crowned, they will then go against the winner of L’Anse Creuse High School to see who gets crowned the district Pet Wars Champion! Stay tuned to see who brings home the trophy and make sure to vote for the pet that you think should win during the Reverse Charity Week.