Importance of self care

Michael Yuschak , Staff writer

Self care is a necessary part of your well-being. Well-being is defined as physical health, eating better or working out, and mental health (taking a break from your busy life or meditating). 


I believe your physical health is more important than many people want to make it out to be. To me, personally, it is as important as your mental health. When all businesses shut down last year at the beginning of COVID-19, all the gyms and athletic facilities closed down as well. They were one of the many businesses not deemed essential and took a long time to open up after many other businesses. At this point some of the businesses opened back up. The public should have had the opportunity to choose for themselves what was essential or not. Some people, such as myself, believe our physical health is very important. But, due to gyms being closed, many people have had to improvise and adapt their fitness routines with what they had at home or tried to purchase fitness gear and equipment, so that they could get a better workout at home.


On top of working out for your physical health and well being, it is imperative to eat healthy and watch what you eat. knowing what you are putting into your body (ingredients in the food) and how much of the different types of food you’re putting into your body, can change a lot about your lifestyle. One thing about eating healthy is that health foods are more  expensive. Junk food and bad drinks at the grocery store are cheap and may taste good, but the healthy stuff is a lot better for you.


With the busy lives that many of us live, it is very important to keep metal health in check no matter what. A very easy way to ease your mind is to meditate. Many people find this is a good way to escape reality and calm them. Just take a little time out of your day and take some deep breaths to relax your body and your mind. On the other hand, a very good way to take a break from your busy life is to do anything that you enjoy. This could be anything from riding your bike, or playing video games, or hunting and fishing, or just simply hanging out with your friends. 


As stated above, self care is a significant part of our daily lives. We are a very busy society, and it is vital that you care about your self being. If you don’t take care of yourself at a younger age, it may lead to many issues in the future.