BIG10 Basketball Tournament Recap



2021 NCAA BIG10 tournament bracket.

David Gattine, Staff Writer

  March 10, 2021 was the start of the NCAA Men’s BIG10 Basketball Tournament. It was played through March 14 at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis.

   With it being the BIG10 Basketball Tournament, there are only 14 universities associated with the BIG10: University of Illinois, Indiana University, University of Iowa, University of Maryland, University of Michigan, Michigan State University, University of Minnesota, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Northwestern University, Ohio State University, Penn State University, Purdue, Rutgers, and the University of Wisconsin-Madison. All of these teams participated in the tournament and played to their fullest, but in the end, Illinois came out on top with a nail biter against Ohio State University, with a score of 91-88. 

   In the first round of the BIG10 tournament on Wednesday, March 10, Minnesota played Northwestern University; Minnesota snuck past with a 51-46 win. The second game was played between Penn State and Nebraska; it was another close game between these two teams, but Penn State took the game with a score of 72-66. 

   In the second round of the tournament-which took place on Thursday, March 11, 4 games were played. 

   The third game of the tournament was Maryland and Michigan State, but it wasn’t as close as the previous games. Maryland ended up taking this one 68-57. 

   The fourth game was Ohio State and Minnesota which was another close one for 

Minnesota, but they didn’t end up coming out victorious this time, losing 75-79. 

   The fifth game was Rutgers and Indiana, and Rutgers took this one with some ease, winning 61-50. 

   Finally, the last game of the second round was played between Wisconsin and Penn State. This was a crazy close game, and fans were on the edge of their seats near the end of this game; Penn State couldn’t pull off the upset, and Wisconsin took this game 75-74. 

The Quarterfinals, which took place on Friday, March 12, had a couple surprising blowout games that the scores weren’t even remotely close. To kick off the Quarterfinals, Michigan State University played Maryland; the Spartans took the win by a longshot of 79-66.  

   The next game between Purdue and Ohio State went into overtime, but it almost seemed like Purdue lost their momentum right near the end and lost 87-78 to Ohio State. 

   The following game between Illinois and Rutgers was a complete blowout with Illinois destroying Rutgers by a score of 90-68. 

   The final game of the quarter finals-which was game 10-was between Iowa and Wisconsin with Iowa stealing the game by a score of 62-57.

Now, we are getting into the semifinals which began on Saturday, March 13. Game 11 consisted of Michigan and Ohio State going back to back up until the buzzer, but Ohio State barely made it out with a 68-67 win. 

   Game 12 (the last game before the championship) was between Iowa and Illinois; Illinois came out with an impressive win 82-71.

 The championship game of the BIG10 Men’s Basketball Tournament took place on Sunday, March 14. Two great teams would compete to see who comes out as the champion of the BIG10 tournament. Duane Washington Jr. (Ohio State guard) had a great game with 32 points, but it still wasn’t enough to overcome Illinois. As a result, Illinois won the BIG10 Championship 91-88.