DECA State Competition

Michael Yuschak, Staff writer

This year in spite of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, L’Anse Creuse High School North’s Deca team has been doing outstanding at their competitions. It is an impressive feat to send so many students to these conferences. Each student at the competition was in their own business category that they competed in.

DECA presidents, Tyler Waters and Mila Mitovski, along with many other DECA members, participated in state competitions this week and did a phenomenal job. Mr. Lamberti, the DECA team advisor stated that Waters and Mitovski,“will present the School Store Business Plan to a panel of judges. This year we certified the school store as an official School Based Enterprise through a nationwide system.”

Many students went above and beyond to achieve greatness at this event. Abby Wrzensinski and Justin Decru completed a huge community service project that helped create awareness about depression. Their project was 20 pages long and allowed them to skip the District competition and go directly to the States competition.

It is sad that the pandemic has ruined many opportunities for this group of students. For some students it ruined the opportunity to go to the DECA Internationals, which was supposed to take place in California this year. Now, the competition will be towards the end of April and it will all be virtual.

Congratulations to everyone who did so well this season and helped get some real recognition for our school. When LCN students work hard and go above and beyond, we help improve our school and the school’s DECA program.