The Adventures of Tom and Jerry


Dylan Adams

Tom and Jerry can be streamed now on HBO Max

Dylan Adams, Staff Writer


Tom the Cat is an upcoming pianist looking for profit in the big city of Manhattan, while his rival Jerry the mouse is in need of a new home. During Tom’s performance, Jerry decides to mess with Tom, and ends up breaking his piano. Tom runs into a young girl by the name of Kayla Forester, who is currently living day to day with no promises the next day. Kayla ends up trying to get a job at the best hotel in New York, the Royal Gate Hotel, and manages to get a part time job. While Kayla is getting used to her new job, Jerry finds himself a lovely suite in the Royal Gate Hotel. Kayla’s first task is to help the event manager, Terence Mendoza, set up the most amazing wedding for Preeta Mehta and her fiance, Ben. Mehta and Ben bring along their pet dog, Spike, and their cat, toots. After Jerry is noticed, Kayla comes to the table to offer her support in catching the mouse.


One night while Tom is sitting in an alley, he looks up and sees Jerry relaxing in a sweet room and becomes angered. Tom decided enough is enough and attempted to break into the hotel at all cost. Kayla is sent to check it out and when she opens the door she sees a huge mess and Kayla makes a deal with Tom, and the hotel boss agrees with her grand idea of hiring Tom to catch the mouse. With Tom on lookout, Kayla soon finds out that Preeta lost her Wedding Ring, Kayla offers her help to keep it a secret from Ben. Tom comes back to Kayla with good news that the mouse is no longer a resident at the hotel.


Soon after Kayla notices Tom and Jerry fighting and Kayla has had enough of them. Jerry shows Kayla he indeed has the missing wedding ring and she offers a deal. But then Terence has returned with Ben’s dog, Spike, and instantly Tom, jerry, and Spike spark a fight all through the hotel which ends in a terrible mess. 


Terence is put to blame for the entire mess and is put on leave. Kayla sends Tom and Jerry on a day trip to bond but they end up in a pet compound. After a while in the compound, an angered Terence finds out and takes a visit to them. He then sparks a fight between Tom and Jerry with lies. At the wedding they instantly begin to fight and when the chief of the hotel sees Jerry in the cake he loses it, creating a huge scene. Kayla and Tom get kicked out for being blamed. 


After ending back up where they all started, Tom and Jerry decide to make things right. They track down Preeta to lure her to Ben at the park. Preeta and Ben open up to each other and finally agree with one another.


 Tom and Jerry was a great movie and it’s definitely worth watching if you watched them before in the cartoons. Tom and Jerry was an animated cartoon but in the new days, they figured out how to mix the real actors with animated animals and I think it worked out great. Tom and Jerry is only available on HBO max and in theaters which is sad if you don’t have HBO max because it’s a good movie for the kids and even adults that loved the old cartoon series of Tom and Jerry. The one thing that stood out to me was that in the end they actually managed to work together and fix the mess they started in the first place.