The Boys Wrestle Back Into a New Season


Nick Heitchue

Boys wrestling practice matt.

Nick Heitchue, staff writer

The LCN Boys Wrestling Team is back on track to succeed after a difficult time during COVID. 


   COVID-19 has caused many problems for the boys wrestling team including how they practiced and how they competed. “ Conditioning was less and we couldn’t get on the mat as much,” said Reese Peery, class of 2020 . 


   Many of the boys on the team were upset because they did not have the mat time that they intended to have. In total, the boys wrestling team has missed three months of practice and competitions. 


   It was hard to meet up with other schools because of the restrictions that Governor Whitmer put on the state of Michigan and the high schools. COVID has also affected the way that the wrestling team meets with other schools to compete by consistently making the wrestlers take COVID tests before every match. 


   Masks also had to be worn before and after every match, but they had the option to wear the mask while on the mat. Although all these setbacks happened, they still had a strong season with a record of 4-7, going up against some strong competition like Anchor Bay and Lake View Highschool. 


   The boys wrestling team had many setbacks this year, but they were still able to get through the season with a lot of passion and aggregation.