Opinion: Is it worth keeping Daylight Savings Time around?

Dylan Adams, Staff Writer

   In recent studies, people have been wondering whether or not we should keep daylight saving time, or just ignore it completely. In my opinion, we should keep it for many beneficial reasons. My first reason for wanting to keep daylight savings time, is the fact that you can’t just get rid of it when everyone uses it. There will always be people who disagree and will just continue doing whatever they please. My next beneficial reason for keeping it, is that it shifts summer daylight into the evenings more, which will provide more sunlight during the day. Also, there will be more sun during the day, and it’ll help people who get off work late and are tired, because they won’t have to drive in the night with the sunlight staying out later. Another reason for wanting to keep daylight savings time is that it’ll help people’s electric bills, because lights are the main source of energy and if the suns out later people will be able to keep their lights off longer. My last reason for wanting to keep daylight saving time is people have recently discovered that with the sun staying out later in the summer, they’ve noticed a 13% decrease in pedestrian fatalities along with a 7% decrease in robberies which makes sense because more robberies happen during the night.


On the other side though, I can see some reasons why people would want to get rid of daylight saving time. Some people have reported getting sick from the time change because of losing sleep,  and there are also reports of peoples’ routines changing when they’re not prepared for it. And with this, studies have found that a lack of sleep can cause car accidents, workplace injuries, and even suicides. There has also been reports of more heart attacks when daylight savings starts. Another reason some people would consider ignoring daylight savings is because it’s costing city’s money. For example, New York City invested one and a half million dollars to the Dusk and Darkness Safety Campaign to advertise around to help warm people out later in the day where it gets dark super early. Also, The Air Transport Association estimated that daylight savings has cost the airline industry $147 million dollars in 2007 due to confused time schedules with countries who do not participate in the time change.


In the end, I believe daylight savings should stay around for a while longer to help people stay out longer and be able to enjoy their day with sunlight instead of being inside early because it’s too dark out to do anything.