Is Spring Break Worth It?

Connor Zabrzenski, Staff Writer

With Spring Break right around the corner, Many people will be looking forward to leaving and enjoying a nice long relaxing break, but with the spread of Covid-19, there’s controversy over whether or not people should travel.

For those that want to go on spring break, they have the option of going somewhere with just their families, or they are going with their close friends. Regardless, friends or family, these are people you see day in and day out. Even knowing that risk is still out there, some people realize that it has been a year now. There are a lot of people receiving the vaccination and are still loads more that have already had the virus and now have antibodies. While many know it is still out there they also feel that you cannot live in fear. We all need a break, and need time to unwind and time to have fun.

For those that believe people shouldn’t go, they believe the spread of the virus is getting worse and they believe that for those that are congregating together, the chances of getting spreading the disease is greater. Based on the news reports, the numbers increase with large gatherings of people. Spring break would potentially be a disaster waiting to happen, and based on this assumption there are people that want others to stay out and not venture out to parties or events with large gatherings to help not spread the virus. Also in regard to traveling, most people are going places where the mask mandate is a lot different than Michigan’s mask mandate, so traveling to different places could potentially cause the covid cases to increase.

In my opinion, I think people should do what they are comfortable with. I will be going on vacation during spring break with my friends. This is my senior year, and I have given up so much. I need this time to be with my friends, the friends that I am with everyday at school. We will wear our masks “when needed”. Many of us have already had the virus and have the antibodies. I think that at this point, one year into the pandemic, we have more knowledge of the virus and we now have the means to fight it. There will always be things that can scare and hurt you, but we know there is a risk, yet life goes on. We need to be safe but we also need to realize life has to go on.