Nobody Review

Michael Yuschak , Staff writer

Do you like action packed and suspenseful movies?  Did you like all the John Wick movies?  Then you will enjoy the new box office movie, “Nobody”. One of the more notable quotes from the movie was “Am I really now that predictable”?


The movie, Nobody, is about an everyday normal guy whose past catches up with him when he  tries to live a normal life.  When some bad people from Hutch’s past come back and try to hurt his family, things get messy real quick. The main character, Hutch Mansell fails to keep his family and himself out of harm’s way when two thieves break into his house one evening. Hutch then becomes a vigilante and does anything and everything he needs to keep his family safe from his past life. The main character, Bob Odenkirk, was one one of the lead actors in the Netflix series, Breaking bad. Christopher Lloyd also made an appearance as Bob’s dad. 


This movie was very action packed from beginning to the end. 

It was so suspenseful that it had me on the edge of my seat for the entire movie. This movie in its opening weekend, according to the box office, debuted at number one. I definitely recommend this movie if you like comedy and action all in one movie.