Student Council Makes Some Cheddar for the Senior Class


Rosa Hough

Class of 2021 Student Council representatives.

Christina Trotta and Kayley Ulbrik

   Prom is one of the most anticipated events of all of high school. Since it is the final dance of our high school careers, the Student Council planning committee tries to go all out and make it an extravagant event for everyone to enjoy.

   Prom isn’t a cheap event, either. Between the decorations, the venue, the food, the DJ, and any other extravagant decorations, the cost is high for this event. Ticket sales cover most of the foundation for prom, but any extras will have to be covered by additional fundraising. 

   Senior class advisors Mr. Ekdahl and Ms. Marino, decided to sponsor a Little Caesar’s Fundraising event.

   How the fundraiser works is that Student Council students all received their own link for selling pizza kits, and promoted their links via social media. Friends and family members from all over the nation were encouraged to purchase items, and each purchase went towards our overall goal.

   Commenting on the fundraiser, Ekdahl stated “Facebook really helped us out a lot. People were just sharing that link back and forth. We had school messenger [send out the link] too.”

   To make the fundraising process more fun, the senior representatives in Student Council had a goal to raise a certain amount of kits. As time went on, we kept meeting and extending our goal, so we had a pretty successful turnout in the end.

   Ekdahl stated that the Council started to compete against one another to try and sell the most kits. “It started off as kind of a playful [competition]. I believe it was Jordan Miljan. But then Alison Schlacht came on strong at the end… I think Alison may have surpassed her at the last minute…”

   After about a month of the kits being available to purchase, our Student Council sold over 600 kits. These profits will go towards various prom purchases. 

   “Hopefully we’ll be able to use that towards prom and graduation and some exciting things for you guys at the end of the year,” says Marino.

   In past years, the LCN Prom would be held at the Palazzo Grande. However, given the COVID-19 restrictions, we would not have been able to have a large number of students at an indoor venue. Therefore, Prom will now be held at MacRay Harbor in Harrison Township on June 9th.

   “We had a hard time, given the rules, we wanted to find a venue that was able to be held outdoors….The hall we had was unable to do that for us, and so we started brainstorming, and thankfully our class president used to work at Mac Ray Harbor. So I gave them a call…”

   MacRay Harbor is a boat marina that has amazing views and a very large space for seniors to have prom. Given the space that MacRay holds, the Prom dinner will be held in the banquet hall, and the dance itself will be outside. 

   “The hard part about planning this is that we don’t know what the rules are going to be in June. We have to look at the rules right now. We are estimating that we are going to have 300 people be able to go. We are going to be able to eat inside. We are going to have our masks on. We are estimating that’s what would be allowed if we could have Prom today. What we don’t know is if things are going to change in a couple of months or not.” 

   The general feeling among the senior class is excitement and anticipation to see how Prom will turn out, and many seniors are very glad that we are still able to have an event like this.