Taylor Swift New Music/Re-Recordings

Emma Bowman, Photo Editor

   With 41 Grammy nominations and nine albums, Taylor Swift has made a serious name for herself these past 15 years. This past year, she has dropped three albums, with “Folklore” being released last July and it’s sister album “Evermore” in December. Now she is re-recording her old albums that she doesn’t have the rights to.

   On February 11th, Swift announced that she has re-recorded her first five albums and has plans to drop them all within the year. She is doing this because she doesn’t own the rights to those albums, and found a loophole that will enable her to own the re-recordings.

   Later that night she dropped the first song, “Love Story (Taylor’s Version)” as a teaser for the album “Fearless (Taylor’s Version)”, that she released on April 9th. Along with the original songs on “Fearless” she also released never-before-heard ‘from the vault’ songs. This included “Mr. Perfectly Fine” and “That’s When”. 

   This album made Swift beat a record that The Beatles had previously held for 58 years. On Friday, April 10th “Fearless (Taylor’s Version)” went to number one on the charts immediately in the UK. This would make it her third album to hit number one in under 259 days, which is something only The Beatles have  done before. Although in their case, it took them a year, making Swift the new record holder.

   The next album that she is rumored to be re-recording is “1989”. This album was the first to be fully pop and not country for Swift. She supposedly will be dropping “1989 (Taylor’s Version)” in late June. With a large part of this album being about her break up with other pop singer Harry Styles, fans are speculating that he will be on one of the songs along with Swift. This rumor started when it got leaked that one of the artists that will be on “1989 (Taylor’s Version)” had been recently seen with her. A week prior Styles and Swift were seen talking at the Grammys, after avoiding the cameras since their break up in 2013.

   Additionally, Swift has been dropping hints that are leading the fans to believe another sister album to “Folklore” and “Evermore” is coming out this week. The album is supposedly called “Woodvale”. Fans believe this because most of her merch and tweets have been in groups of thirds, and when the cover for “Folklore” came out it said very faintly in the corner “Woodvale”. It wouldn’t be a shocker to any fans if she is truly dropping another album this week without any notice, because she has been known to only give 24 hours notices to her new albums.

   Taylor Swift has become a huge name in the music industry and will continue to break records and the charts with her music.